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SEO Trends To Lookout this Year

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SEO Trends: Search engine optimization, commonly known as SEO, is a topic of conversation in the business world. And why not? SEO these days is nothing more than the lifeblood of a business. SEO and Google rankings alone contribute significantly to the success of a business. Won’t you believe me?

The facts tell us this: up to 60% of marketers owe exact entry strategies like SEO to generate quality leads for their business! But here’s another well-known fact: Search engine optimization isn’t for everyone. Wrike for Marketers includes all the features of a business plan and marketing-focused features like Wrike Proof. Please visit their official website for Wrike pricing plans.

Every month, a new SEO trend appears on the market. Any company that misses out on an opportunity to respond appropriately to prevailing trends faces the consequences of a missed opportunity. And trust me, you would not want this to happen to your business because its troubles are countless. So, here is a list of 7 SEO trends your business should look out for in 2021. Pay attention to them:

1. Voice Search will be a Game-Changer.

Arguably the most anticipated SEO trend for all good reasons! Based on the facts, it turns out that about 58% of people use voice search to find information about local businesses. And this popularity will only increase in the coming days. So be sure to introduce a voice search feature on your website if you are not a fan of the downtrend.

2. Long Content is the Real Thing.

Well, we all know how popular written materials are these days. Whether a social topic or an exciting and informative article, long content is the classic king of SEO. And in 2021, your demand will only increase. Therefore, your SEO team must focus on creating high-quality, full-length content because this is the “trend” at the moment.

3. Videos will Drive your SEO Content Strategy.

As if you didn’t expect it! We were all there, watching a 5-minute DIY video on Facebook because “oh, that’s cool.” If you also want to put the video on your website, now is the time to start implementing your plan. Videos will shape your SEO content strategy this year, according to experts. Connect with SEO experts StudioHawk to learn more about SEO trends.

4. Look for Small Favorites.

This trend may be fourth on our list, but don’t let it fool you into thinking it’s less important than the others! How many times have you gotten rid of the pain of reading an entire piece of content because you got your result in a short version at the top of Google search results? These are the so-called favourites. And since the trends align with the one that provides simplicity, it should be no surprise that featured snippets will be a huge hit.

5. You better Optimize these Images as soon as possible.

Images play a vital role, especially in the case of websites. People aren’t just taking pictures for fun. Today, they also carefully evaluate photos before purchasing. And oh well, nobody likes to spend time on a website, so it takes all the time in the world to open an image. So, you better optimise your website images and let them load quickly. Trust me; this trend will skyrocket in popularity this year.

6. Search Intent is a new Hero.

For Google, search engine optimization has become a top priority. Google strives to provide its users with the most accurate search results possible. Therefore, as a website owner, you should also pay attention to search engine intent optimization if you want your website to rank first in search results.

7. Make your Site more Mobile-Friendly.

Lastly, the more mobile-optimized a website is, the more traffic it will receive. Whether it’s 2001 or 2021, SEO has always favoured websites that are genuinely mobile optimized. Therefore, please consider that your website is optimised for mobile devices. Without a doubt, this is a trend worth looking out for in 2021.


SEO is essential. But SEO isn’t easy. Here, we list 7 SEO trends to watch out for in 2021. Read this guide and make the necessary changes to your website to get the most out of this fantastic SEO concept.


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