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What is personal branding? How do I start this?
Marketing Marine

What is personal branding? How do I start this?

Personal Brand

Personal Branding is a concept of first performed in the US business literature in 1997. An article titled Fast Company. “A Brand Named You” by American writer Tom Peters. In it, he suggested that in the age of humans, individuality should be your brand.

With the beginning of the Internet, there has been a revolution in brand distribution. People began to perceive themselves as a brand that constantly competes with other brands. And the relationships that they began to establish with consumers. Likewise, linked to economic cycles, the professional marketplace has become global, increasing opportunities for access to new job opportunities.

What is Personal Branding?

This concept as such has always existed, understood as reputation, fame, or recognition. Today it is what is systematized and defined. And we all have something similar to a greater or lesser extent. Knowing other people what you mean or can help them.

How to start Building your Brand?

The first approach is as easy as googling about us. This must be done from the browser in the “private window.” Mode (Safari / Firefox) or “incognito window” (Google Chrome). The aim is to get an unbiased search without considering what we have previously consulted on the Internet.

On the other hand, personal branding can compromise the brand of a company or organization. For this reason, they are looking for good professionals today. In companies, they are also committed to the values ​​embedded in their brands.

The term elevator pitch is a short, one-minute presentation that serves as a personal introduction to potential employers, new clients, or investors. Its goal is to sell your professional service or business idea, and it is essential not to miss out on professional opportunities.

How to make an Elevator Feed?

There is no set way to give a speech, but these rules can help you:

  • Use simple and understandable language.
  • Introduce yourself by name and mention:
  • You must communicate what you are offering in a differentiated way. Include your added value or “your secret ingredient.” This shows that you can easily distinguish yourself from your competitors. And that will be what will ultimately convince your interlocutor. Finally, include a call to action or calls to action. To mention. For example, what you are looking for from the interlocutor. Or request your card and note that you will call them back at a specific time.

Please note that the presentation must be prepared in advance. And also rehearsed and ready when the opportunity presents itself.

Your digital profile

LinkedIn is the largest global professional network and a great starting point for building your digital brand. It seems like it has been around forever, but LinkedIn was launched in 2003 as a resource for professionals. This I wanted to connect with other professionals.

According to the latest published data, there are currently over 500 million registered users on this network. Its process is based on the theory of six degrees of separation. According to which all people are connected, despite a large number of inhabitants of the Earth. Either way, we will have the opportunity to “meet” or at least create a “relationship.”

Measure the effectiveness of your profile

Let’s say your setup is delivering the expected results by using the Social Selling Index tool to keep you informed about your competitors. LinkedIn is based on four different factors and compares to both the professionals in your sector and your LinkedIn profile. Whether inside or outside. From your network, just like the rest of the professionals in your network.

What does this Index Measure?

How effective are you at creating your brand, and how good are you at finding the right people? The level of interaction of your information and its ability to develop relationships.

Once you open a LinkedIn account, you can access it from the following address:

LinkedIn profiles will eventually replace resumes entirely. It is currently the source of over 50% of passive hiring and mandatory recruitment advice. And the solution is to contact the companies you want to submit your applications to.

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