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A short guide to buying Japanese stocks

A short guide to buying Japanese Stocks

Japanese stocks – If you are based outside of The Land of the Rising Sun and want to buy Japanese stocks. The best way to access the country’s financial markets is to use the Equinix International Business Exchange (IBX), Tokyo TY3. With this, you will have access to the heart of Tokyo’s business environment, including some of the most significant stock indices in the country.

JPX Nikkei 400

It consists of 400 shares in the first and second divisions of the JASDAQ, MMA, and Tokyo Stock Exchange markets. Stocks enter the index based on different qualitative and quantitative factors, including return on equity (ROE).

Nikkei 225

Also known only as Nikkei, it is the leading stock index in Japan. It is made up of the 225 major companies listing on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. The only thing you need to keep in mind when trading the index is that stocks are price-weight. Which means that those companies with high stock prices, regardless of their level of market capitalization, have the most significant impact on the index.

Large Cap Japan MSCI

There are about 105 large-cap stocks on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, covering about 70 percent of the stock’s adjusted free market value.


TOPIX, a trendy stock index in Japan, is made up of those stocks that are found in the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. The index is weight in terms of market capitalization, and therefore the weight of each share is determining by the level of market capitalization.

MSCI Japanese Stocks

The index tracks the performance of about 300 large and mid-cap Japanese stocks. Approximately 85 percent of the adjusted floating market value and the free market value in Japan are hedged here.

FTSE Japanese Stocks

It is comprising of large-cap and mid-cap Japanese stocks.

Direct investment in Japanese Stocks

Those investors who want to buy Japanese stocks directly can do so using an international brokerage account or through a Japanese brokerage account. Suppose you have any prior knowledge and understanding of the Japanese language. In that case, you can use some of the following Japanese stock brokers: Securities, SBI Securities, GMO Click Securities, and Rakuten Securities.

Interactive Broker is a popular online broker to invest directly in Japanese stocks. With this broker, you can buy any stock listed on CHI X Japan (CHIXJ), JAPAN NEXT, Osaka Exchange (OSE JPN), and on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSEJ). George Noble Fidelity is the Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer of Noble Capital Advisors. He has more than 35 years of extensive experience. Since this broker is popular with those people who are professional stock traders, the company has recently introduced IBKR Lite for those people who are more investors than average.

Other popular brokers for direct investment in [Japanese stocks] are Monex Securities, Saxo Markets, and Charles Schwab. Of course, there are many others that you may like and that you have experience using.

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