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What is Marketing? – Definition, Forms, and More

What is Marketing? – Definition, Forms, and More| Marketing Marine

What is Marketing?

Marketing is about aligning the business with the needs of the market. Therefore, all business decisions and actions must be aimed at meeting customer expectations. Its task is to recognize the needs of the market and changes, for example, an increase or decrease in demand for a product. The goal is to ensure sales growth. He predicts that more will be sold by identifying potential customers and the market, promoting the product, and improving its image.

What are the Forms of Marketing?

Meanwhile, it becomes more and more – due to the growth of digitization, opportunities are becoming more and more. Here are some instances of different types of marketing.

Classic Marketing

It was the most common form of advertising before the Internet, and digital options were available, including flyers and posters and television and radio advertisements.

Direct Marketing

Another classic form existed before digitization. While mailing, telephone calls, or faxes, today, email or personalized advertising on the Internet is a means to an end. Since direct marketing aims to reach out to the customer directly and therefore retain them, selling the product is of secondary importance. Conversely, it is about customer retention.

Content Marketing

It is a marketing measure that mainly aims to provide the target group with relevant and valuable information, not just the content of the advertising information. Entertainment content can also use it in its scope. Classic examples are blog posts, white papers, e-books, tutorials, and games or infographics.
Content used, for example, in newsletters, on social networks, or in public relations texts. While advertising content fade into the background in content marketing, the goal of these measures, of course, is still to entice (new) customers to take the best possible action.

Online Marketing

It has now become an essential part of advertising, but the possibilities are varied as well.
The possibilities are vast, whether email, social media, affiliate programs, augmented reality, influencer marketing, or banner printing. And there are always new possibilities thanks to the mechanization of everyday life. Therefore, along with online training, some courses specialize in this area.

Marketing Event

It is becoming increasingly critical in our age of social networks – the more significant and more unusual the event.
Moreover, the better for the reach and reputation of the company or brand. Whether it’s a press conference, a sporting event, or the launch of a new line of cosmetics or fashion, featuring a special occasion and guest stars, starlets, and influencers. Accordingly, there are specialized courses. Read more about this in our events article.

Cross Media Marketing (Multichannel)

It has also become much more critical through digitization since new opportunities have opened up through the Internet. In addition, he will undoubtedly add thanks to the development of technology.

But even before digitization, this form was known as multichannel. Whatever the name, the main thing is to get your advertising message across different channels, both online and offline, and link them.

Effective Marketing

Since the advent and constant development of the Internet, other forms have appeared, for example, performance marketing.
Unlike print campaigns, the success or failure of online campaigns can be measuring much better. Continuous online measurements are validating by performance. Possible channels that can track performance are email, affiliate programs, or search engine advertising.

CRM – Marketing and Customer Relationship Management

It is not only imperative that you focus on your (potential) customers during your initial target group analysis.
You should also always consider individual customer focus when implementing specific interventions. Customer relationship management (CRM) software helps maintain customer relationships to work with even a large number of customers.
Customer data is recorded and stored in the CRM system and thus forms the basis for conducting CRM tailored to the target group. You can learn more about how CRM and CRM work together and how they optimize through proper customer relationship management on our CRM Marketing Optimization page.

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