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All to Know About Preparation For Exams

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All to Know About Preparation For Exams

Preparation For Exams – If there was anything that was the most feared during the school days, it was exams. While it is a very funny thing that exams are not something to be afraid of at all, this study is just enough. Just about this, there is so much fear in the heart of the students that they misunderstand it. So here we will talk about the preparation of the exam and every aspect related to it so that the fear of the exam comes out of the hearts of the students.

First of all, students have to focus from the very initial point and that is to eradicate the pressure of exams from their minds. Regarding this, a student needs to focus on studies the whole year & that doesn’t mean that he or she should become a bookworm. It means as a student one has to study in a strategic way. A student should listen to his or her teacher in class very carefully so that he/she can understand the topic the very time when the teacher is teaching and take proper notes from the lecture. Notes prepared during classroom study help a lot because students prepare them according to their understanding and way of studying.

Students should revise the course on a daily basis which reduces the pressure of preparation to half during exams. Even 10-15 days before a student starts revising the course and starts studying from the notes prepared by him or her gradually within no time before the exam the whole course can be covered by the students. Again, you don’t have to become a bookworm that will create pressure only. Just give 4-5 hrs daily and you will cover almost the complete course but these 4-5 hrs should be quality that means you have to study and memorize with grave concentration.

Don’t get panicked and put yourself under stress that diminishes your capacity for memorizing. Getting stressed will only harm your preparation and affect your capacity for memorizing. try to make a record of what you are studying in a précised manner by keeping its summaries. try not to beat the bush every time and study random lessons. Give yourself every day a target of particular topics and lessons to study and try to finish that benchmark.  Be focused with full concentration while you are studying. After every hour of study, stand up, walk a little bit if you are feeling sleepy, wash your face and give some rest of 5-6 minutes to your eyes and then again back to the track.

Try to keep your study organized by keeping essential study material around you to avoid distractions like standing up again and again because your needed study material is not around you. For example, if you are preparing for Physics exams then while preparing keep all Physics study material around you. Having complete Physics study material around you will be able to prepare constantly without any distraction. make your own garden of preparation which means, you studied well in class and understood topics but at trying to pin down those details in your own words as notes in much easier language, having abbreviations which make you remember headings in exams related to the theory of any lengthy topics easily, try to find out quizzes and short exams online and try to solve them also in minimum time to increase your capacity to attempt maximum questions in minimum time.

Apart from your academic lectures and notes prepared by you, try to study from online courses and online teaching from various online teaching apps and websites which provide specific knowledge and tricks to qualify and pass exams with good marks. If these resources seem insufficient then don’t hesitate to utilize the resources at college or school campus such as the library where you can get ample amounts of preparation material and solved question papers of previous years and can get a proper idea to attempt a question paper of a particular subject in a whining manner. While preparing apart from these ample resources, even if you are stuck somewhere and it seems that you need help then nobody else knows more than the teacher, so directly contact them and ask all the possible ways to prepare for exams and particular subjects, they always help.

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