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How to Care for the Maine Coon Cat Breed

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Maine Coon

Maine Coon Cat Breed – Pets are one of man’s best companions. You will observe that having an adorable companion like a cat has numerous benefits, such as reducing stress and anxiety. Cats come in various breeds and species, and choosing the right one is vital to get it.
One cat breed that has become popular due to its friendly and loving personality is the Maine coon. This attribute makes it a great playmate for children. The Maine coon breed also requires good human company, making them loyal and devoted to their family. If you want to add this breed to your home, we recommend visiting reputable pet stores. You can go to holistapet Maine Coon article to learn more about the physical appearance of this breed.
Furthermore, due to the size of the Maine coon, it is prone to many genetic diseases capable of reducing its lifespan. Some of these diseases put your cat in great pain. However, using the proper medication can ease the discomfort and provide relief. This article will discuss some tips to help you care for your pet.

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Caring for the Maine Coon Cat Breed

Maine Coon

This breed is impressive, although it requires more care than the average domestic cat. Here are some key areas to guide you on how to care appropriately for your pet.


They are fed 2-4 times daily with dry food containing the necessary nutrients. Foods with a high level of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, fats, and fatty acids are all essential for their growth and replenishment of lost energy. However, their diet proportions vary according to their lifespan, so ensure that you are feeding it the right portion to avoid overfeeding, as this could have health implications.


This should be done at least once weekly to prevent their long fur from matting and tangling. There should be regular grooming during winter due to the damp weather. Get a suitable brush that easily removes shed hair. A scratching post will also keep their claws in good condition and prevent them from using the furniture or other surfaces. You can watch this video if you need a visual guide on cat grooming.


Daily exercises are needed to ensure they stay fit and to avoid obesity. You can engage in several exercises with your cat, such as walking it on a leash, using cat toys, or playing games with it. A cat tower also helps it jump around and can be used as a scratching post. Playing with your pet daily also strengthens the bond between both of you.


This breed loves water and is easily fascinated with it. The knowledge of this should make you ensure there’s a constant supply of fresh water as they need it to stay hydrated. Getting a water fountain would encourage them to drink more since they prefer to drink from moving water. It will also reduce constant water spillage on the floors.


Cats are naturally clean animals, and this cat breed is no exception. The litter tray must be cleaned daily, as failure to do this could cause mental distress to your companion. Getting an extra-large tray is always ideal to provide more space. Although they love water, bathing should only be done once a month with recommended shampoo to remove dead skin cells.

Common Health Problems in Maine Coon Cat Breed

This cat breed tends to suffer specific health challenges. Therefore, regular visits to the veterinarian are vital as they help discover underlying medical issues that may be unknown to you. It would determine the fitness and health status of your pet. Some of these health challenges are as follows:


The growth rate of this breed is naturally slow, especially compared to other species. Some owners are unaware of this challenge and may assume that their pet isn’t growing. This assumption makes them overfeed it in a bid to make it grow. This causes obesity but can quickly be resolved with a diet that controls calorie intake as specified by a vet.

To learn more about obesity in pets and how to treat them, you can check here: https://www.healthline.com/health-news/our-pets-are-overweight#What-can-be-done.

Spinal Muscular Atrophy

This is a genetic disease that is often hereditary and capable of shortening your pet’s life. Although it is not painful, it reduces the functionality of the muscles in the hind limbs. It also causes posture irregularities due to the failure of the motor nerve cells located in the lower spinal cord. These signs become apparent when your cat is 4 months old, causing it to have an unsteady gait.

Hip Dysplasia

This is more likely to occur in larger species than in smaller ones. This condition causes arthritis in your companion, which is very painful. When your pet avoids climbing, jumping, or running, it could signify hip dysplasia. Other signs to look out for are the enlargement of the shoulder muscles, lameness of the hind limb, and reduced activity levels.

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The Maine coon is one of the most domesticated cats because of its unique attributes. Asides from being great companions, there are other health benefits associated with having these felines, such as preventing allergies and improving cardiovascular health.
Follow the care guidelines outlined in this article to ensure that your cat is always in good condition, and consult your vet for regular checks if you notice any symptoms.

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