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Mobile Advertising Write For Us

Mobile Advertising Write for Us

Mobile Advertising Write for Us – Mobile Advertising is a process of advertising through mobile devices or mobiles. The Mobile devices on which the company advertises are tablet computers or smartphones.

This advertising process takes place as banner advertisements or text advertisements through SMS. They are found in mobile games and other downloaded apps. Mobile advertising ads are personalized based on browsing history or customers’ tastes by consuming information and data mining techniques.

5 Mobile Advertising Types

1.      Pop-Up Notification

Pop-Up notification is nothing but push notification which performs on mobile devices. These notifications are sent at any time to the user. This benefits users because they don’t have to stay on one app to get notifications.

2.      Banner Ads and Image Text

Any user who clicks on the ads that appear on their screen is redirected to an advertiser’s page by opening it on a browser.

3.      Click for Downloading Apps

Whenever the user clicks on the ad, they will be routed by the advertiser on the Apple or Google app store. Therefore, the destination will depend on the operating system of a user`s device.

4.      Click for Call Ads

The advertiser allows users to click on their advertisement with a plan to receive a call made by the user directly with their mobile phones.

5.      Click for Message Advertisements

A user clicking on this advertisement will be directed to directly contact the advertiser through SMS.

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