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Sandbox, a New Growing Crypto Metaverse

by Marketing Marine
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Sandbox – In this article, we will explore Sandbox World. Sandbox is a digital world that allows all players and users to create, own, and legalize their gaming skills with Ethereum’s blockchain technology. In other words, they just have the same function on bitcoins-era.nl where you can decide what to do as a user.

Sandbox is globally known for its two mobile megahits, The Sandbox (2011) and The Sandbox Evolution (2016). These two altogether produced over 40 million downloads all across the IOS software as well as Android too. In the year 2018, the developer, as well as the publisher, decided to put forward this successful User Generated Content gaming IP, and large groups of creators from various areas from mobile to the blockchain network. The main aim of this platform is to disrupt the existence of games like Minecraft and Roblox by offering the creators of these games a good deal of ownership of their creations in form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and recompense them for their valuable contributions in the network.

The World of the Sandbox

The network of Sandbox has three different incorporated products and services that enable proper user-generated content (UGC) creation. Firstly, it has VoxEdit which is a program that develops or builds the non-fungible tokens (NFTs) games assets. Secondly, they have a good marketplace where they can easily sell or purchase those assets. Lastly, this crypto project has a Game Maker that all users and players utilize to create their personalized gem experiences without the requirement of coding.

The VoxEdit Feature

Sandboxes are created by building blocks that are in 3D pixels, known as Voxels. The term Voxel is not a native term to the Sandbox project but it means the virtual reality development and is hence used by the Sandbox Project. In this project, players have the authority to build their gaming experiences by utilizing various logos like pieces from the free-of-cost sandbox VoxEdit tool. This tool works the same as the other well-recognized and reputable voxel editors such as the globally known MagicaVoxel.

If you are not aware of the use of this editing tool, you can easily learn it from various applications and links such as Pandapops.

All the characters, products, and other things present in the game, built in the VoxEdit are counted as the ASSETS. All these assets can easily be converted into non-fungible tokens (NFTs) which are known as the standard of ERC-1155. This standard token facilitates the creators to mint their desired amount of replicas of the same ASSET. Through this method, they will be able to develop an exclusive non-fungible token (NFT) that will also be an ERC-21 standard token. Furthermore, at the same time, they can create plenty of copies of it within the same smart contract.


This product has also brought in new tokens in the market that are related to ASSETs, GEMs, and CATALYSTs. Both of these tokens are fungible ERC-20 tokens. GEMs are utilized to enable ASSET features because the more features the asset owns it will have more value attached to its name. At once, a single GEM is capable of giving 25 feature points to one single ASSET.

The other new token, CATALYST is used to describe the asset’s level and insufficiency. These projects usually have four tiers or levels Common, Rare Epic, and Legendary. These levels can own up to 25, 50, 75, and 100 features. VoxEdit now has ASSET, GEMs, and CATALYSTs.

Learning To Make An Avatar

Avatar is used to hide identities and still interact with people in a friendly manner. People create avatars just the way they look and use them as a replacement for their pictures.

Players usually involve themselves in the Metaverse universe by using their avatars. If we see things technically, A Sandbox avatar is an ASSET that can be easily generated in the VoxEdit.

In recent times, the Sandbox platform has brought a new avatar creating a tool for the market. This new tool allows its users to direct the personalization of avatars without engaging themselves in different editing applications. Though the new editing tool is still in its development phase, the future seems quite positive for it.


If we had to say that the Sandbox is becoming the champion of the Metaverse world, it would not be wrong. The Sandbox has become a complete win-win for all gamers especially those who like to play and earn as well as this platform is the play-to-earn platform. Through this platform, you get plenty of opportunities such as playing, purchasing real estate, and a lot more.

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