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 The Effects Of Technology On Healthcare

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Technology on Healthcare

Technology On Healthcare – The effects of technology on the pharmaceutical industry are many and varied. For example, the first use of chemotherapy in the 1930s is considered to be one of the major breakthroughs in modern medicine. It is also significant to note that this was a period before the advent of antibiotics, which significantly lowered the risk of death from infections caused by bacteria.

Technology on Healthcare

Technology on Healthcare

In fact, without antibiotics, it was not uncommon for patients who were treated with chemotherapy to die due to infections within a few weeks after treatment began. While these benefits have been seen in some cases with cancer patients experiencing extended survival or remission from their malignancy through chemotherapy and radiation therapy, there are still many cases where such treatments prove ineffective for some types of cancers and other illnesses. This is especially true given the fact that in many cases research to find new treatments is focused on those diseases that are more common among older people, such as cancer and heart disease, which means that the less common ailments affecting younger people get less attention. The rapid increase in prevalence of antibiotic resistant bacteria is increasing the need for new treatment options.

Some of these Technology On Healthcare have had a positive impact on healthcare provision and patient outcomes. For example, advances in information technology (IT) have made it possible to search for drug combinations with increased efficacy, reduced toxicity and lesser side effects against a specific disease or illness. This had a positive impact on outcomes in patients with cancer and diabetes, who are among the most vulnerable and commonly affect the healthcare system.

Healthcare System

However, many of these technologies have come with consequences that have not been considered or were unrecognizzed at the time they were implemented. For example, modern medicine, which has effectively been proven to save lives all over the world through medical interventions such as surgery, standard vaccination programs and health education has an important role in reducing deaths but it is being threatened by the increase in antibiotic resistant bacteria. This is due to the fact that new antibiotics are not developed as extensively as for some other diseases – for example, one study estimated that only about 2% of antibiotics used annually are new products. To make matters worse, the more powerful antibiotics that are developed for human use are also used in animal feed products and livestock. As such, this makes it easier for microorganisms to become resistant to new antibiotics.

Technology on Healthcare


There are also concerns regarding the increasing spread of communicable diseases due to travel and wired communication. For example, while it is possible to catch a cold by proximity or inhaling bacteria or viruses that cause infection, there is also evidence of the increasing ability of viruses, like coronavirus, to spread through coughing or sneezing. Another example is how advances in wireless technology have changed the way we communicate and has allowed us to do so more frequently. This has had a positive impact on the success of healthcare professionals to diagnose and treat patients when they are in outlying or rural areas. However, this also means that communicable diseases are more easily spread, often due to people travelling on commercial airlines, where the close quarters and use of respirators combined with frequent flights can place more people at risk of exposure.

Another important concern is how our information technology has become a platform for the transmission of health-related messages with mixed results. For those who are unfamiliar with computers and the Internet, these advances provide a mechanism for disseminating health information that can aid individuals to make more informed decisions about their health. However, there is also evidence that these technologies may increase the spread of health-related myths and misinformation.

There are many variations that have been made to our healthcare system due to advances in technology. The only thing that is certain is that the future will be defined by events and not predictions.

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