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Business Transcription Write For Us – Business Transcription can be defined as a service to convert audio files into transcripts for companies in different industries and all types of businesses. Every company listed on the stock exchange (NASDAQ, NYSE, etc.) must comply with withholding quarterly meetings of its business, thus updating its level and business performance for its investors and people involved in its industry. While this meeting is in progress, the meeting coordinator records the session, records it as an audio file, and sends it for transcription. The transcriptionist, in turn, listens to the audio file, decrypts it, and returns it to the client in text format. It is called business transcription.

Seminars are usually recorded on standard microcassettes, audio files (Wav, vox, DSS, mp3), web, VHS, or DAT. All audio is enhanced with analogue and digital equipment.

Business transcription covers almost every field, from healthcare, insurance, and airlines to automobiles. It is primarily the transcript of conference calls, meetings, seminars, and analyst calls, and it also broadens your reach in sales meetings, budget planning, and other business conversations. We are talking about deciphering conference calls with maximum precision and a high degree of protection of confidential content.

Classification of Business Transcription

The transcription business can be divided into several segments:

* Business transcription services for business groups

* Business transcripts for speakers/moderators

* Business conference call transcripts

* Business Book/Manuscript Transcription Services

* Commercial transcription for medicines and insurance groups.

Typically, commercial transcription is kept on the transcription company’s server for twelve months when they require immediate assistance for their respective clients.

At Transcription HUB, we help various companies convert their audio/video content to text. Please get in touch with us or connect with any queries or comments.

What are the Benefits of Business Transcription?

Grab attention: Transcribing a video or audio to text allows business credibility to add SEO-friendly keywords to the transcript that increase brand awareness. Thus, it helps the brand to create a powerful digital presence.

Global Reach – When a video or audio is transcribed and published in multiple languages, it becomes easier for a business to reach audiences in different regions. In addition, the transcripts can also be understood by a hearing-impaired audience. The transcription helps a company easily communicate its ideas and goals to a larger audience.

Easy Access: Transcripts can be easily accessed anytime, anywhere. No proprietary tools or software are required to play video or audio files, and transcripts can be translated and are available to anyone.

Record important details. And also, One of the main advantages of transcription is that companies can capture important links, data or information and store it for future reference.

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