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Customer Relationship Management for Hotels

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Customer Relationship Management for Hotels

CRM for hotels

CRM systems for hotels and hotels integrate the customer base with the room management system, online booking, and website. Examples of CRM for hotels are given below.

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Integration of Lenovo with the online payment service by parts of Moneywall.io.

How can hotels encourage guests to make reservations? Offer to pay in installments! This method was made possible thanks to the Lenovo partnership with the online payment service by parts of Moneywall.io. Moneywall.io allows hotel guests to pay for their stay with several card payments. It is enough to pay ⅓ part of the cost when booking or after receiving the payment link, and the remainder within 60 days. At the same time, the hotel does not bear any risks due to late or non-payment of payments by guests and any costs since the guest pays the installment plan, and the entire amount of the prepayment for the booking is transferred to Moneywall within the time specified in the contract (very quickly). In addition, you will save on acquiring.

Two-way integration of Lenovo PMS with AmoCRM and Bitrix 24

Lenovo PMSnow has two-way integration with CRM systems AmoCRM and Bitrix24, which together is a powerful sales tool. Considering the need to work in CRM, especially in this challenging time, when you need to work even more carefully and personalized and proactively with each guest, not to lose contact with him, By minimizing cancellations and striving for transfers in case of possible cancellations, Lenovo offers integration utterly free of charge. Connecting CRM to Bnovo does not take long. It’s a lot like plugging in a new booking system like Booking.

Yandex started selling its smart speaker to business

Yandex decided to try to sell its smart speaker Yandex.Station with voice assistant Alice for business users. Although, We started with hotels. Such speakers have already been installing in the suites of the Crowne Plaza Moscow hotel. Yandex. Station is connecting to the TV. Guests have access to all the functions of the speaker: watching movies, listening to music, setting alarms and reminders, and so on. Also, hotel customers can send requests and instructions through “Alice” – for example, and you can order cleaning or dinner in the room. For each guest, the system will generate a temporary account and delete it upon leaving the room. If desired, the user can use a personal Yandex account. The company stressed that it would not store all user requests and transfer records to hotel employees.

Video: CRM for an investment hotel

When the cycle of a deal lasts from a couple of days to several months, the manager is force to store a massive amount of information somewhere all this time. It will be much easier to do it with a CRM system – this is how the management of the IN2IT investment hotel decided. The hotel implemented an amoCRM system and set up three sales funnels. When opening a deal card, IN2IT employees see the entire history of communication with a client, regardless of the communication channel. To learn more about the results of the work, watch the video.

Maxi Booking allows you to create a hotel website quickly

Service for the automation of hotels Maxi Booking added created a website for a hotel with a booking and payment function. And also, The site is automatically generating directly from the program. To do this, you need to register in the system, enter information about your hotel and add a photo. The booking module and payment systems are already built into the program. Now customers will be able to book directly by finding the created site in Yandex and Google search engines, and property owners will get more profit thanks to savings on booking portals’ commissions. The hotel owner, in his account, sees all the information about reservations that come not only from the site but also from booking portals, creates reservations from customers by phone or e-mail.

RNS Web. Reservation – CRM for hotels

RNS Web. Specific CRM for Hospitality RuNetSoft has released a new version of the industry-specific RNS Web solution. Reservation based on the CRM system RNS Web and intended for hotel reservations. Although, The solution allows you to automate the processes associated with receiving and processing applications for booking hotel rooms and apartments, forming a single database of objects, document flow with automatic creation, and sending invoices and acts to clients by e-mail.  The reservation allows you to make all financial transactions, create reports for management. In addition, the system enables the company’s control to monitor and manage the work of the company, being outside the office. For example, on a business trip or even on the train, having only access to the Internet. The new version has been significantly improve with the assistance of Master key, a hospitality and hotel consulting company.

Salesforce CRM for the hotel business will be implementing in a Moscow hotel

In December, a new modern hotel – Radisson Royal, Moscow, will open in the renovated building of the Moscow hotel “Ukraine.” To attract new customers to the hotel as soon as possible, the hotel management decided to implement a CRM system. And the choice fell on the new SaaS CRM solution of the Russian company Libra Hospitality – Libra OnDemand… It is a Salesforce CRM-based solution configure specifically for the hospitality industry. Libra OnDemand automates the business processes of hotel sales and marketing, hotel reservations, and banquet services. This CRM effectively complements hotel management systems. By clearly organizing guest data, synchronizing customer profiles, and offering flexible duplicate search and data aggregation capabilities. The system includes a client portal, with the help of which hotel clients can view. The statistics of their settlements with the hotel, book rooms, and receive other helpful information via the Internet.

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