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How To Review, Compare and Pick the Best Email Marketing Tool for Your Specific Needs?

by Marketing Marine
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There is a sea of different tools and apps out there that a brand can use for their marketing campaigns. However, knowing which tools to use for the specific needs of your brand is very important. For instance, there are tools that focus solely on one aspect, while there are others that focus on multiple. Ultimately, what tool you need will be dependent on what your brand needs at the moment. That is why, today, we will help you pick the best email marketing tool that will help you achieve bigger ROI and boost your conversion rate. Now, there are certain digital marketing trends you should follow to gain bigger traction, we agree. On the other hand, following those trends, while being accompanied by a good marketing tool can only help you grow your brand even faster. Let us help you to review, compare and choose some of the best marketing tools for you.

How To Review, Compare and Pick the Best Email Marketing Tool For You

Email marketing is still one of the most efficient ways you can market your brand, services, and products. There are an estimated 4 billion people in the world using emails on a regular basis. Although email is one of the most used communication platforms, that does not mean that conducting email marketing will be easy. To fully understand what you need to do you have to understand what are marketing strategies and what types there are. After that, you can start choosing which type of marketing you want and how to push it to the right people. Of course, using the right marketing tool can help you achieve much bigger efficiency than doing it manually. In the paragraphs below, we will be discussing this subject further.

What Exactly Are Email Marketing Tools?

Email marketing tools are the tools that marketers use to test, create, send and optimize their email campaigns. These tools usually provide the user with templates, layouts, and other suggestions to help them achieve higher efficiency when using email marketing. Furthermore, many of these tools will often keep records of vital data that you can later use to your advantage. This data, with personalized messages, can help a brand create a better connection with the reader or consumer. Moreover, by incorporating all of the features a marketing tool can provide to you, you can create a much higher ROI (Return of Investment) for your brand. The overall function of the software or app you choose varies and each tool provides the user with different or similar options. That is why you have to know how to review and compare them.

How To Review and Compare Each Marketing Tool You Encounter?

As we were saying, there is a sea of different marketing tools online. Finding the one that will suit your needs will require prior research. So, for instance, if you are looking for a tool like AWeber – a tool that offers email templates, user segmentation, autoresponders, and an image library, you will have to know how to separate it from the rest of the tools. To pick the best email marketing tool means to go through several different tools and see which one offers you the most, depending on what you need it for. Some of the basic ways you can review and compare each tool are:

  • Pricing
  • Features
  • Email templates and design
  • Editor rating

Pick The Best Email Marketing Tool By Comparing The Pricing

Price of the tool you want to use matters. Overpaying for a specific tool that does not provide adequate features or templates can cause you to lose money. To be more precise, it can cause lower ROI rates. Each tool will provide you with a different type of charging. For instance, one tool might charge you “per email” while others charge you “per number of contacts on your list”. Moreover, other tools might give you a free trial period of a couple of weeks. Nonetheless, something that is cheaper does not make it better for you, as it might miss out on some important features.


The features that you pay for are the biggest way to review or compare certain tools. For instance, a tool you pay for should contain features like email templates, visual design tools, sending one-off campaigns, transactional email, contact management, and email marketing automation as one of the most useful features for email marketing, etc. Most of the email marketing tools will share the same features. However, their prices might differ and that makes it worth looking into deeper.

Email templates and design

The templates an email marketing tool provides for you can speed up the marketing campaign process by a margin. We all want to make sure our emails look good. Luckily, with a proper tool in your possession, you can make this happen. The email templates that certain tools provide allow you to create a viewable and concise email structure to help catch the reader’s attention. Templates, on top of color choice, can help your email campaign achieve its full potential. Luckily, most of the tools you encounter will have this as their default feature.

How to know which tool to choose?

To pick the best email marketing tool, you need to be aware of what you expect from your marketing campaign. Because each tool provides a different option or feature, you should do the research before opting for one. So, if you are looking for a tool to help you segment your contact list, you want to find the one that does it the best. However, if you want to find a tool that will help you create templates and eye-catching emails, you should turn your focus to such tools. Honestly, pinpointing a specific marketing tool is difficult. Most of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. The main thing to focus on is the functionality of the tool and how much leverage it provides to you and your brand.

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