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Why Is It Important to Have Good Neighbors and How To Handle Troublesome Neighbors?

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Why Is It Important to Have Good Neighbors and How To Handle Troublesome Neighbors_

It doesn’t really matter whether you are shifting to a studio apartment or a 2 bhk flat on rent in hyderabad, moving to a new location Involves a lot of physical and mental labour. In addition to all the exhaustion, there is also a lot of apprehension involved. A lot of questions pop up in your mind, the answers to which are impossible to obtain before actually moving to the new location. One of such questions is, “Will my neighbours be friendly and understanding?” Well, it’s not possible to find an answer to this question unless you start mingling with your neighbours. But what if you eventually find out that they are actually troublemakers? Well, there are measures you can take in such a situation. Here is what you can do on your end to avoid problems—

It is always easier to reach your goals together. Maybe you are not the only one who is unhappy with your neighbor. So, you should ask if anyone else is willing to stand by you. This is particularly important if your intention is to file a complaint with the court or contact the local police. Quantity is important in this instance. You have more chances of winning if you have more people who share your opinion.

  • Give a warning (a concrete one)

Sometimes, it can be a good idea to inform your neighbors that you are willing to contact their landlords or local police if they continue annoying you. A simple warning can be enough to get your neighbors to stop bothering you, as long as you look confident.

  • Call your neighbor’s landlord

Although most people don’t like to criticize or complain about others, sometimes it is the only way out. Chances are that the landlord won’t want to see their tenants evicted. In that case, the landlord will do the needful and your problem will be solved in no time.

  • Refer to the laws

Refer to your land’s laws if you have to deal with a problem like noise. This is the leading cause of neighbor disputes. You can protect yourself from noise-makers by seeking legal help. Almost all governments prohibit excessive, unreasonable and unnecessary noise levels. If you are able to prove the problem is real, and that your neighbor is responsible for it, you would be offered immediate help.

  • In case of criminal behavior, gather evidence and force your neighbor to move

You should gather evidence and contact local authorities (police, lawyers, etc.) if your neighbor has a criminal behavior. You can also join other neighbors to create a petition. Get as many neighbors to sign your petition as possible. Be specific about the grievances you have and what you want. Once you have completed the petition, take it to your landlord or your society’s committee. If your complaint is valid, the problem can be resolved quickly.

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Why having good Neighbors is so important?

You can choose your friends but not your neighbors. You may be lucky to have some good neighbors, but you will also encounter some that are unpleasant or unkind and can make your life miserable. Consider yourself lucky if you have good neighbours because they can make a difference in your life. While a good neighbour will be a part of your joys and sorrows, will extend help in difficult times, and will keep the friendship alive even after you or they have move away, a problematic neighbor will make your life miserable from all imaginable aspects. They might steal objects from your house, harass your kids or pets, litter your campus, or worse yet, create relentless noise to disturb you.

While most differences with neighbours can be bridged with conversations, some stubborn neighbours might simply deny to rebuild their relationship with you. In such a situation, it becomes imperative to seek external help. While we don’t support taking strict actions, sometimes that’s the only effective way left to solve an issue with your neighbour.

Final thoughts

Whether you have bought your own beautiful villa in Bangalore or have taken a single bedroom house for rent in hyderabad, your neighbours are going to significantly impact the quality of your stay in your new house. There are neighbors who keep lodging complaints against others, and there are those against whom complaints are lodged. You might find any of these or both, but you should avoid being either.

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