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How to Get Into Marketing Without a Degree

by Marketing Marine
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Marketing is currently one of the most dynamically changing and developing fields. The demand for marketing services is high because of the rapid growth of e-commerce. Businesses need to apply more advanced marketing techniques and tools. Marketing professionals are responsible for promotion campaigns. They contribute to the success of brands, companies, and organizations. Many people want to start their careers in this field after graduating from a college or university with a different degree. Yet, they hesitate to take the first steps fearing failing with no marketing background. You may have also considered how to get into marketing without a degree. It’s easier to get a career in marketing without a degree than you think. There are many digital marketing training courses out there that can help you acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the field, even without a formal degree. In this blog, we will walk you through a variety of options for how you can prepare and get a good job in this field.

Self-Learning and Training Options

Most people use the Internet daily in various ways and purposes. It’s the source of information and materials you can use to address many of your problems and needs. Modern technologies allow anyone to study different fields. They learn the necessary skills and knowledge. Training with those technologies is easy to prepare for a new occupation. Starting a career in a new field requires learning and training. Hopefully, you can access dozens of options online and offline. The list below provides tips to get into marketing without a degree. 

  • YouTube videos and other digital platforms on the web.

The Internet has many platforms and social networking sites. People use it to share their knowledge, skills, and experiences with others. They are usually free to access and watch from any place with an Internet connection. You can search blogs or YouTube channels of experienced marketing professionals. Another option is to watch their videos, tutorials, or lessons to get basic knowledge and expertise in the field. Besides, many former marketing specialists have become bloggers. They share their stories about getting a marketing job with no degree or relevant experience. Some stories may resonate with your situation and provide crucial recommendations. Still, carefully choose the channel or blog by reading the reviews. It will help you make sure the author is experienced and has enough expertise. 

  • Professional courses.

It is one of the most effective ways to get into marketing without a degree. These courses are not free, but the prices vary. They also differ in their quality and content. Besides, good professional courses will help you save time. You can make new friends among students looking for a marketing career and learn from their experiences. Courses also allow people to communicate with experienced instructors. The recommendation is to check the reviews and contact people who have completed the course. You can ask instructors about the course content and get support. It will allow you to decide whether the course meets your needs and expectations. Another option is to check the courses from educational institutions with excellent reviews. It guarantees that the courses will be practical and likely to be recognized by the future employer. 

  • Mentorship and learning from experts.

Learn from people with practical experience in the field where you want to start your career. It is a wise and effective way to get a good job and basic competencies. You may find potential mentors or experts in many places. The recommendation is to ask your friends whether their friends work in marketing. You can also visit blogs and forums or social networking sites’ communities. If you have taken professional courses, you can ask your instructors to meet to have a cup of coffee and ask them for a piece of advice. Getting support from mentors is a crucial part of preparing for a career in marketing without a degree. They will help you avoid mistakes and choose better employment options. You will also have higher chances to get letters of recommendation or get referred as a candidate for the position in their company

Internship and Developing Essential Skills 

No courses and self-learning attempts can substitute for practical experience and competencies. You can get it in the workplace through working with colleagues in an environment where theoretical knowledge is applied. Thus, jumping into a junior position is unlikely for those with no degree or experience in the field. Internships are the best opportunities to get started in marketing and gain working experience and practical skills. As an intern, you can collaborate with senior colleagues and learn from them. Interns carry out basic tasks and responsibilities. They are likely to identify areas of improvement and your strengths and weaknesses. With internship experience, you can get started in marketing as a junior specialist in a better organization. Even so, you should consider the essential skills to develop during your internship. It will help you get fully equipped before applying for a higher position. The following list includes a few examples of those key competencies. 

  • Developing marketing strategy. A marketing professional should consider how they could launch a product and promote business in the market. To this end, they choose adequate tools, consider risks and ultimate goals, and select the target audience. 
  • Market research. You should learn how to study the target audience, segment it, and research competitors. 
  • Digital marketing tools and promotion on the web. As a future marketing specialist, you should learn to apply social media marketing. Another part of this competency is to launch ads and promotion campaigns on different platforms. 
  • Content planning and creation. You should develop writing skills and expertise in content planning. The focus is on the specification of formats, illustrations, and other materials. 

Get Help with Developing Writing Skills and Marketing Knowledge 

You can develop core competencies before starting an internship. It’s even a better option because many trainings also include a stiff selection process. Professional writing services, for example, CustomWritings, will help you improve your academic writing skills. You will learn from marketing and content writing experts. These companies provide the best samples of written papers on specific topics from scratch. You can visit their website and familiarise yourself with the samples to check their quality. While doing the first tasks related to content writing, you may contact the service and get help from an expert with a personalized approach. 

Get a Marketing Job Without a Degree

Training and finishing the internship program will increase your chances of getting a high-paid marketing job without a degree. Still, salary is not essential at this step because you should get enough experience and expertise. The good news is that this career has many opportunities for development and growth. Strong motivation and determination make your career goals easier to achieve than you’ve thought. Just carefully plan your learning and development and search for training opportunities. These should best suit your needs and expectations. 

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