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Boost Conversions with These Top Native Ads Retargeting Strategies

by Marketing Marine
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Boost Conversions with These Top Native Ads Retargeting Strategies

Ads Retargeting Strategies – When most people think of advertisements they think: pervasive, obnoxious, and intrusive.

And those are not personal opinions. 91% of people said that they feel today ads have become more intrusive than they were two to three years ago.

But 71% of people also agree that they’d like an ad filter better than an ad blocker.This makes one thing clear. People don’t hate ads, per se. They hate bad, incorrectly targeted ads that disrupt their Internet experience.

Native Ads solve part of the problem. Google Adwords experts will help you solve the rest with the right ads. And of course, there are native ad retargeting strategies that can help you boost conversions without boring or bugging your audience.

Want to go DIY and try out the strategies yourself? By all means. We have mentioned the top-performing native ads retargeting strategies right here for you to check out.

The Basics of Ads Retargeting Strategies – What, Why, and How?

Here’s a quick refresher on the basics of native ads. Feel free to skip it if you are sure you know it all.

Paid ads that match the look and feel of the media in which they appear are called native ads. These ads match the format of the native platform and thus do not interrupt the flow of the audience. These non-disruptive ads often don’t even seem like ads and blend well with the editorial flow of the page.

Content recommendations, promoted results in the sidebar of Google search, ads on top of the SERPs, and in-feed ads are a few examples of native ads. These ads don’t look like ads at all. They blend so well on the page that they look just like regular content. So Native ads dupe Internet audiences into consuming paid content?

Yes. And no.

While the idea is to be non-intrusive, native ads do come with tell-tale signs that inform the reader that they are consuming paid content.

  • In-feed ads are marked with hashtags like ‘#Ad’ or mentioned ‘in Paid Partnership with…’.
  • Paid content suggestions are tagged ‘sponsored content’.
  • And the ads on the top of Google search results also have the word ‘Ad’ written in the beginning.

With the basics made clear, now let us jump straight to the native retargeting.

Native retargeting – How is it different from traditional retargeting?

Retargeting ads are ads that are for a specific set of people who have previously engaged with or been exposed to the brand. This helps convince people to make a purchase from you or avail of the service that you are offering.

However, native retargeting isn’t as pushy as traditional retargeting. With native retargeting, the main aim is to create an image for your brand in the audience’s eye. With each retargeting ad, you introduce your target audience to people who have good things to say about your brand. It is a slow process and is usually targeted towards brand building and not enhancing the bottom line.

Does that mean you won’t be able to make money with native retargeting?

No. We have not one but three strategies that can help you actually boost conversions.

Native ads retargeting strategies to boost conversions

Use influencer marketing

Ads Retargeting Strategies

Do you also spend hours scrolling through Instagram reels and then randomly buy something off of the ‘gram?
Have you ever started reading about one topic and then hours later found yourself almost buying totally unrelated stuff?

In case you said yes, you have been targeted (and retargeted) with native ads.

People love content that is easy to consume. Picture a fun article or a video with a catchy background score.

And you can use native ads to retarget people who have already seen your display ads or have visited your website. Add influencers to the mix and you’ll be inching towards closing the deal.

The influencers you pick should be people with a strong follower base including your target audience. And they should be considered an authoritative voice.

You will have to spend some time carrying out outreach though. But in the end, it will all be worth it.

When people hear or read about your product/services from people they admire and trust, they are much more likely to buy from you than your competitor. Even if you are paying the influencers to say what they are saying.

Ads Retargeting Strategies

It is like the influencers are holding your prospects’ hands and helping them click on that buy button.

Repurpose display ad content

Most businesses shy away from using native retargeting strategies because they do not want to create specific content for it.

Well, you don’t always have to do that anyway. You can repurpose your display ads content for native retargeting.

Here’s an example.

A prospective customer visits your website, looks through your product page, and adds one of the products to the cart. But then they leave.

Now you can take the product image, headline, and description from your website and use it in a native ad that is shown to the user at the top of their Gmail inbox.

You don’t need to create anything new for this. You can also repurpose blogs, product descriptions, and videos for native retargeting.

With a little planning and consideration, you can boost your conversions without increasing the costs.

Create a retargeting sequence

Retargeting is not a one-time thing. You can design a sequence of native retargeting campaigns to convince and then convert your audience.

Here is an example situation you can consider.

Suppose a visitor lands on your website from the Google search.

They visit your products page but don’t add anything to the cart.

  • Now, the next day they find a blog about your products on a trusted blog site, your name will ring a bell. That’s a native ad that you retargeted to them.
  • Further ahead in the day, they check their Gmail inbox. And there on the top of the inbox, they have an email ad from your business. Another tiny bell rings in your audience’s mind.
  • At the end of the day, your prospect sees one of their favorite influencers on Instagram talking about your product. That’s the final bell that opens the door for a conversion.

If your ads are consistently targeted to the right person at the right time and with the right content, the visitors would convert into your customers.

Getting Started Ads Retargeting Strategies

First things first. To be able to use a retargeting strategy, you need to first have a well-defined targeting strategy.

And you also need to be well-versed in the art of running traditional and native ad campaigns and tracking the results.

Ads Retargeting Strategies

If you aren’t already a pro at that, it is time you pay PPC experts for the job and get things done by professionals. If you set off on the wrong foot, no amount of retargeting will get you the right results.

Once you have run a native ad campaign, and have data about whom to retarget, only then can the retargeting strategies work wonders for your bottom line:

Itching to try out these strategies? Wait. Try them out on your own only when you are 100% sure of your capabilities or else you’ll see your precious dollars go down the drain.

Hire Google Adwords experts to help if you need a guiding hand. And then sit back and watch seemingly lost leads come back and convert.

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