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All About Payretailers Payouts

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All About Payretailers Payouts

Payretailers Payouts is a payment service provider that provisions a wide range of payment methods through seamless API integration.

PayRetailers is a payment processing service provider founded in 2017 in Barcelona, ​​Spain. The system is unique due to the idea of ​​a customer base called LATAM, which brings together many potential sellers. The solution offered by the system is suitable for various market sectors, making it an excellent option for international expansion in vertical markets. Payretailers promises to help the business grow through a network created to empower all merchants, no matter where they are. It means that you can work in any country and earn money, as all popular payment methods in the region are available to you.

Founder of Payretailers Payouts

The founders of PayRetailers payouts believe that knowing each region’s characteristics and payment preferences is the fundamental core of victory in any market. Thus, the company began to work in this direction, helping companies to integrate the best payment solutions in their target area.

PayRetailers invites merchants to take note of the enormous potential of Latin American e-commerce. The region of 620 million people is experiencing a 30% annual growth in the e-commerce market. With 67% of online shoppers using local payment methods, LATAM is an excellent solution for merchants planning to sell to consumers in Latin America. The growth of digitized consumption, the improvement of the e-commerce infrastructure and the financial access to the local population provided by LATAM present enormous opportunities for merchants. In this way, merchants can unlock the full potential of the Latin American market through inter-agency payments.

Your payment service provider, Payretailers Payouts in Latin America

We offer an optimized payment solution that supports more than 250 payment methods, including alternative payment methods, bank transfers, QR codes and wallets. All are on a single platform, so you don’t need to integrate multiple acquirers and payment methods, set up numerous on-premises entities, or manage separate payment and payment processors.

Basic Solution

Our solution is suitable for various market segments, from e-learning to gaming, financial services to travel, and ticket sales to general e-commerce businesses of any size.

For merchants looking to expand internationally in specific eCommerce verticals, a solid understanding of consumer behaviour and spending in their particular industry will decide between success and failure. PayRetailers allows anyone to shop online, and even if they don’t have a credit or debit card. By accepting local payment methods.

Target Market

  • Business owners, paymasters, CEOs, investors, and decision-makers.
  • Providers: retail, e-learning, tourism, SaaS and digital services, and online games.
  • Trading, brokers, forex
  • Financial services companies

Contact Information

Telephone: (+34) 934 14 07 76

Email: sales@payretailers.com

Geographic Presence

Latin America and Europe

Foundation year


Type of license

PCI: P2PE, EMV and tokenization tested.

Member of an industry association or initiative

Argentine Chamber of Fintech, Fintech Chile, Colombia Fintech, Fintech Mexico.

Main clients/recommendations

Our clients operate in industries ranging from gaming to traditional e-commerce. We also have two-commerce plugins and Presta shop for those merchants who work with shopping carts.


2021 GBM AWARDS: Most Innovative Payment Processor in Latin America and Excellence in Payment Innovation for Merchants in Latin America.

Future Developments

Expand your business to new continents: Europe, Asia, USA and others.

Deal volume

We are growing more than 200% per year. More information available on request

Transaction Cost

We are growing more than 200% per year. More information available on request

Benefits of Using Payretailers Payouts

A payment service provider has many advantages. Customers can pay using traditional and alternative systems, wallets, QR codes and bank transfers. The numeral of payment methods supported by the platform is quite large. There is no need to integrate multiple acquirers, as all payment methods are collected on a single platform.

Approximately 250 payment methods work thanks to seamless API integration, allowing international companies to trade with Latin American sellers and thus increase their revenue. The service charges are 5-10%, depending on the payment method.

Payment retailers allow merchants to accept payments, settle and send payments anywhere in the world. Sellers have the opportunity to improve their image and build a solid customer base. Traditional card payment methods include VISA, MasterCard, Visa Electron, Visa Debit, MasterCard Debit, Webpay plus, Tarjeta Naranja, Elo and Hypercard. Alternative payment methods include BCI bank transfer, BBVA bank transfer, Scotiabank bank transfer, and many more. The platform is active in the North American, South American and Central American markets. The system easily integrates with Magento, WooCommerce and Praxis Cashier.

Frequent Questions

Where is PayRetailers headquartered?

PayRetailers is located in Barcelona, ​​Catalonia, and Spain.

Who are PayRetailers’ competitors?

Alternatives and potential competitors to PayRetailers may include YooMoney, PayEye, and PayXpert.

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