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7 Digital Marketing Trends of Focus for 2021

by Marketing Marine
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Digital Marketing Trends

7 Digital Marketing Trends 2021 in Poland will have two prominent strands – increased focus on customization and customer engagement and implementation of newer technologies. As a result, we will see a greater focus on the customization of products and content according to individual tastes and preferences, technical optimization, and a more significant push for responsible gambling measures.
Digital Marketing Trends Guest author Jacek Michałski looks at the top seven digital marketing trends in 2021. To find out more about Jacek Michałski.

The following are some of the advertising trends and digital media trends of 2021 in Poland. If you are a business, you can use this information to create the best digital marketing strategy to boost sales, reach out to new buyers, and retain existing customers.

Old Is Still Gold

The year 2021 will retain some of the best digital media trends of the previous years. Some of the marketing trends of 2020 are here to stay and will continue to be around for the next few years.
If you haven’t implemented, tested, and tried concepts such as utilizing social media to directly connect customers to product checkout, attracting micro-influencers through giveaways and social media contests, and tailoring content for voice search SEO, it is high time you do so.
These practices are going to take your business to an entirely new level.

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Rising Demand for Inclusion

  • A rising number of consumers, especially the marginalized sections of society and young adults, are demanding inclusion.
  • Therefore, advertising and digital media trends have to embrace multiple races, religions, nationalities, sexualities, cultures, and so on.
  • They have to represent differently-abled people, slow learners, and members of the LGBT+ community as well.
  • According to a study, 41% of consumers turn away from retailers that fail to showcase diversity and inclusivity.

Google’s Featured Snippets

  • The primary advertising trends of the past included creating SEO content that appeared in the first position in search results. In 2021, the goal will shift to gaining visibility in the zero places, also called “featured snippet.”
  • Google’s featured snippet will become prominent in the SEO marketing of the future as Google positions it right at the top of its search results, placing it within a small box to distinguish it from the rest of the search results.
  • The featured snippet displays extra information that readers can access without having to click on the link.

Rising Demand for Interactive Content

  • It is a digital media trend of 2020 that businesses are going to carry into 2021. Interactive content is popular among consumers as it promotes engagement and gives enjoyment.
  • Interactive content includes open-ended questions, quizzes, giveaways, surveys, contests, calculator widgets, polls, and so on.
  • It encourages consumers to interact with businesses for a longer time and gives businesses an understanding of what consumers are looking for.
  • The online casino industry is going to set the trends in this area because of market demand.
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Influencer Content through Live Streams

  • The Covid-19 pandemic has led to an increasing interest in live streams, including online workshops, webinars, branded live streams, live videos from celebrities, and so on.
  • Facebook Live reported a 50% spike in viewers during the lockdown period, and Instagram reported a 70% spike.
  • Live streams have proved to be a great way to get consumers to trust a brand, and businesses are sure to use them all the more in the future.

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Increased Focus on Sustainability

  • People want businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and give away part of their profits to the community.
  • The results of a survey have shown that 81% of consumers want companies to work on improving the environment.
  • We, therefore, see brands marketing themselves as eco-friendly and consumers demanding products that cause the least harm to the environment.

Demand for Easily Consumable Content

7 Digital Marketing Trends, People are now looking for something that can be consuming in an instant. In the following year, therefore, we will see increased interest in podcasts and newsletters that land right in your inbox.

Gearing Up for 2021

  • The unpredictability of the previous year forced businesses to create marketing strategies.
  • As people began spending more time on social networking sites and live streaming platforms, companies had to think of newer ways to reach their customers.
  • This trend will continue for the next 12 months as well. Expect to see companies reaching out to buyers through social media posts, interactive content, podcasts, live streams, and many other strategies.


These are the top 7 Digital Marketing Trends that will dominate 2021 in Poland. As the year comes to a year, expect some of these trends to change as the global market demand changes.

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