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4 Strategies for Increasing the Number of Repeat Customers in Your Fashion eCommerce Business

by Marketing Marine
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Fashion eCommerce BusinessFashion eCommerce Business

Fashion eCommerce Business – The main focus of every eCommerce marketing strategy is customer acquisition. An average eCommerce retailer spends about 80% of the marketing budget on acquiring new customers, seven times more than it costs to retain the existing ones. 

Encouraging existing customers to repeat purchases is a much easier and cheaper solution. Customers who repeat purchases are likelier to spend more money on your brand. People buy more from your brand when they feel they can trust you. 

These four strategies will keep people engaged, help you get return customers, and build long-term customer loyalty.

Get your PLM Straight

The PLM software enables a full-spectrum view of the product. It shows you the product development and helps companies address the commercialization aspect. Missing out on these things affects the product commercialization plan and delays the overall business growth.

The apparel PLM software reshapes your product innovation. It manages materials, designs, costs, and suppliers so you can maximize profitability and precision. The focus of this software is to incorporate the voice of a customer. It notifies when a customer is facing challenges. 

Collaborative PLM platforms handle these concerns, so satisfied customers become repeated ones. Fashion eCommerce companies can use a PLM system to track customer responses and build stronger, deeper relationships.

Listening to the customer’s suggestions and complaints is part of the process that allows companies to resolve customer issues. Improving products based on customer feedback helps apparel companies earn trust and loyalty. 

Email Marketing

When a customer agrees to receive marketing emails from your brand, use this as an opportunity. Email marketing is essential for driving sales. It encourages repeated sales and helps you nurture relationships with clients.

The power of email in eCommerce is immense as it helps to keep your brand in the customer’s mind. Regular emails about promotions are a great strategy to inspire customers to buy from you again. However, many of those emails end up in a spam folder, so here‘s what you can do to boost your click-through rate:

  • Segment your subscribers into shorter lists of customers. Look for those who bought similar products and divide them based on their purchases.
  • Use campaign management tools. These will help you send targeted emails.
  • Include items from the previous purchase. You can mention something from the wishlist or a product they have viewed.
  • Show the item price they desired with a reduced price. Introduce a limited-time promotion or a price cut.

Consider personalizing your emails for specific customers when recommending products. Most customers will unsubscribe when the emails are not relevant. Communication through email is an excellent opportunity to show your new product line, discounts, and offers.

A welcome email helps you connect with customers and direct them to your website. After the purchase, send a follow-up thank you email to show that you appreciate their purchase. These emails are also an easy way to request reviews and recommend similar products.

Offer Incentives and send Birthday Notes.

Offering special promotions can promote repeat purchases. Many types of incentives can encourage your customers to buy from your brand. Special offers and discounts are a very effective strategy, and customers love these kinds of incentives. Test the different ones to see what your customers respond to most.

Free shipping is essential when it comes to incentives. Customers tend to look up your business’s shipping options before adding items to their carts, so free shipping is a powerful way to get them to shop on your website.

Rewarding top customers with surprise gifts will make your eCommerce brand memorable and unique. Such small details will help strengthen customer loyalty.

Customers’ birthdays are great occasions to offer special offers and send gifts. Ensure you take notes of your customers’ birthdays when they sign up and send them personalized birthday cards. This small act of kindness will make them feel special, so they will be more eager to reciprocate with repeat sales.

Ask for Customer Feedback

Asking for feedback can significantly improve the customer experience. This data can help you fix any areas that need improvement, make the necessary changes, and encourage repeat purchases.

After the orders arrive, you can send questionnaires and online surveys from people who have ordered from your eCommerce store. Spend time analyzing your customer’s pain points and problems. Ensure you collect feedback occasionally and find ways to fix any mistakes. This way, you’ll be able to track customer satisfaction over time.

Final thoughts

It may take work to encourage your customers to return for repeat purchases, but it’s the cheaper and faster way to grow your fashion eCommerce business. Building trust between the brand and the consumer is essential. This bond will turn a one-time customer into a loyal one.

Dedicate time and effort to creating methods for retaining customers. These strategies will help you target these valuable customers and work wonders for your eCommerce brand.

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