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How Can Lawyers Know What Their SEO Agency Is Doing for Them?

by Marketing Marine
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SEO Agency Lawyers need an SEO agency that is a true partner to help them get their name and business out to the area of service. There are several ways a lawyer can learn what the SEO agency is doing for them. Listed below are the main follow-ups they can do to check in:

  • Continue to check their web page by using keywords.
  • Review usability indicators on the website.
  • Tracking conversations.
  • Review the geographic location of the search traffic.

There are other ways to check up on what the SEO agency is doing for your law firm, but these are the top four ways that will give you the most accurate information. If all else fails, you will know how well the SEO agency is doing by the volume of responses to your law firm.

Check Out the Web Page by Using Keywords

The rankings of the keywords trigger the spot you will receive for the search engine. The SEO agency must use the correct keywords to put your website on the top of the listings. Each client of the SEO agency should have a copy of the listed words they use for the keywords. The lawyer can get on the search engine of their choice, which is usually Google, and see for themselves where their webpage pops up on the list. It may not be first, but it should be on the first page. This is the most reassuring way they know the SEO agency is doing its job.

Review Usability Indicators on the Website

The usability indicators are another way of tracking how many guests arrive at your website. The SEO agency will set up this system on their client’s website to prove they are doing all they can to bring in the traffic. It assists the lawyer by giving them the information on what locations on the websites their potential clients go on each page or section. When the lawyer sees where the client is going, they can know how to help them and reach out to them. It adds confidence and reassures the lawyer’s clients as it makes it better for business. There is a fill-in section where the potential client can add their email or contact information. This process brings traffic and potential leads to new clients.

Tracking Conversations

This section works with the usability indicators as it keeps records of every conversation through chat, email address, links, and offers newsletter sign-ups. It is critical for the lawyer to keep every potential client separate, and the system allows each conversation available at a moment’s notice. For example, if the potential client reaches out by phone, the lawyer only has to search for the conversation to know exactly what the potential client needs. It adds prestige to the law firm and helps them assist the clients much quicker than the old-fashioned way of doing things. Before, the lawyer had to ask questions. Now the lawyer knows the answers thanks to the feature of tracking conversations on their website.

Review the Geographic Location of the Search Traffic

The last thing a lawyer needs is to have clients contact them from all over the world. The SEO agency must have the correct geographic location down packed into the system, so the right people can reach the law firm. For example, there is nothing a law firm can do but answer legal questions and deliver free consultation to someone on the other side of the country or the world. If the law firm gets too many of these, they are not making money for the business. The proper geographic location is everything in SEO, and it must cover the service area and only the service area. Delivering a consultation to the potential client online will lead to additional clients within the proper location.

Partnering with an SEO Agency

As you can see, if the SEO agency does all these things listed, they will bring in a fair amount of traffic to the webpage. The proof that the SEO agency is handling up on business in the results the service they deliver. If there are no results, the SEO agency must move on to the subsequent phases, allowing at least one to two weeks of trial and error. There are no guarantees, but the SEO agency must show they are trying their best to pull in the potential clients for the law firm. Partnering with an SEO agency is the best way to marketing.

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