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How Sustainable Stands Help us?

by Marketing Marine
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How sustainable Stands Help us_

Environment and industry are more closely linked than ever. Demand for sustainable stands and reusable products is growing across world. At PRO EXPO they manufacture reusable and sustainable exhibition stands, doing our best part to contribute to a improved world.

Research shows that your visitors and customers are more aware of sustainability. The good news is that there are important and effective ways to decrease your environmental impact.


www.pro-expo.net having more than 35 years’ experience in designing and building stands makes them the perfect solution for corporations looking to get their brand observed and achieve notable results. pro-expo.net deliver high impact custom-made stands incorporating eye-catching and innovative designs.

Based in Barcelona, our international team of experts and project managers work to take our designs to the world’s most important trade fairs. Our passion is great design that speaks volumes. We make your success our business.

WHAT pro-expo.net do

pro-expo.net create a tailor-made package to suit your needs, whatever the sector; creating a bespoke, creative and sustainable solution within your timeframe and budget. Once we know what your expectations are, we can deliver a product far superior to any partner that you’ve previously worked with. We take care of everything from start to finish, building long lasting relationships with our clients; over many years.

For companies looking to go the extra mile and pull out all the stops we can take your designs to the next level.

Reusable and Sustainable Exhibition Stands

pro-expo.net manufactures reusable and sustainable exhibition stands that will save you money and improve your environmental reputation. Surely it makes sense to find an exhibition stand solution that is reusable? This not only saves money, but also avoids the staggering waste of resources that comes with destroying an exhibition stand after just one use.

And if you’re concerned about durability, a reusable display stand solution should be a importance. Prestige stands are reusable because they are modular, scalable and simple to construct.

These factors mean that your initial prestige stand design will be easily reconfigured to fit completely different stand spaces at different trade shows and events.

Advantages of renewable stands

There are several benefits to investing in renewable exhibition stands. Basically, you’re recycling your display material in a cost-effective and sustainable way. This saves you money as well as improving your environmental credentials and as an added bonus. You have a consistent brand identity and marketing across all your events. Sending a message.


PRO EXPO can provide its customers with all necessary maintenance and renewal of reusable items. Podiums, shelves, tables and even larger pieces such as steps, platforms and walls. All of them can be renewed and reused with minor modifications.

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