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Rainbow High Dolls

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Shop Rainbow High Dolls

Shop Rainbow High Dolls – Welcome to Rainbow High Dolls, the home of all things rainbow! Since, The Legend says that, at the end of the rainbow, there’s a pot of gold. But then the truth is – there is something even more amazing. Only few are choosen with an eye for bold fashions that can follow the rainbow to Rainbow High Dolls, the colourful fashion school where everyone learns to flaunt their true colour. Join Ruby Anderson, Poppy Rowan, Sunny Madison, Jade Hunter, Skyler Bradshaw, and Violet Willow in their teenage adventures as they try to find life’s answers to the usual questions teenagers encounter in their daily lives. Meet them at Rainbow High and shop for Rainbow High dolls at Mr Toys. Collect all the rainbow now!

Rainbow High – The Boldly Coloured Fashion School

Teenage life has never been so much fun as with Rainbow High, the school you find at the end of the rainbow where bold fashions and gorgeous features are the norm. Based on the book trilogy by Alex Sanchez, the MGA toy company has acquired a licence to create videos and a line of toys and merchandise that is sure to give kids endless joy with Rainbow High.

The Story Behind Rainbow High?

The story behind Rainbow High centres around an elite high school for visual arts, where students representing the colours of the rainbow embark on their exciting journey. Get ready to be immersed in the vibrant world of these artistic friends!

Introducing the Rainbow High Girls

Meet the 6 Gorgeous dolls of Rainbow High Dolls:

1. Ruby Anderson

You’ll probably hear of Ruby Anderson long before you ever meet her. She blazes new style trails, because she creates and wears hype-worthy looks online that are totally fire. Shoes are sort of her calling card, and she designs custom kicks that grab attention. Ruby dares to make a statement by playing artistic pranks around the school, like that time she filled a teacher’s office with a giant statue.

2. Poppy Rowan

Poppy Rowan is the monarch of music at Rainbow High. Thus, it flutters between genres, but always coming up with fresh and new. Thus, Everyone at Rainbow High looks up to her bold taste in music and creative ear for new beats. She’s the go-to DJ for everything at Rainbow High, because she knows the right selection of music and it can set the vibe for the entire event.

3. Sunny Madison

Sunny is as bright and happy as her name and her yellow and blue colour palette suggest. She’s bubbly, energetic and she loves to be a fangirl of everything – especially to her friends. She got into Rainbow High because of her amazing animation skills. At school, she creates a whole animated series based on her BFFs.

4. Jade Hunter

At first glance, Jade Hunter seems like the moody and misunderstood girl at Rainbow High, and she likes it that way. She can only be satisfied by being 110% true to herself, and that means never following trends or doing anything that might make her “fit in.” Makeup is her favourite way to express herself, and she loves to shock everyone with dramatic looks that everyone has to admit look gorgeous.

5. Skyler Bradshaw

Skyler is another exciting talent at Rainbow High, but she’s not quite ready to share her work with the world. She is one of the best design fashion at Rainbow high, but she is modest and likes to keep herself in the background and masks all her work – it is immensely rewarding. Skyer’s pals can always tell that she’s hiding her true self because of her quiet nature. They realize that Skyler has a great future, and they promise to help her follow her dreams when she takes off.

6. Violet Willow

Every school needs a diva, and Violet Willow was born for that role. She makes sure her style is the star by choosing showstopping pieces with luxe details and plenty of bling. When she came to Rainbow High, she was already an influencer with hundreds of thousands of fans. Now, she’s filming all the drama inside Rainbow High for her followers ‘coz everyone is dying for the inside scoop.

Join these girls in their quest to find life’s answers to their teenage questions as they go through their high school at Rainbow High.

10 Best Sellers Rainbow High Dolls

10 Best Sellers Rainbow High Dolls

  1. Rainbow High Color & Create Fashion DIY Doll with Washable Rainbow Markers, Blue Eyes, Straight Hair, Bonus Top & Shoes. Color, Create, Play, Rinse and Repeat. – $39.99
  2. Rainbow High Rainbow Junior High Special Edition Kia Hart – 9″ Pink Posable Fashion Doll with Accessories and Open/Close Soft Backpack. – $24.34
  3. Rainbow High Color & Create Fashion DIY Doll with Washable Rainbow Markers, Green Eyes, Straight Hair in 2 Pig Tails, Bonus Top & Shoes. Color, Create, Play, Rinse and Repeat. – 24.75
  4. Rainbow High Junior High Special Edition Holly De’Vious – 9″ Blue and Green Posable Fashion Doll with Accessories and Open/Close Soft Backpack. – $39.99
  5. Rainbow High Color & Create Fashion DIY Doll with Washable Rainbow Markers, Purple Eyes, Curly Hair, Bonus Top & Shoes. Color, Create, Play, Rinse and Repeat. – $24.75
  6. Rainbow High Fantastic Fashion Amaya Raine – Rainbow 11” Fashion Doll and Playset with 2 Complete Doll Outfits, and Fashion Play Accessories. – $27.99
  7. Rainbow High Fantastic Fashion Skyler Bradshaw – Blue 11” Fashion Doll and Playset with 2 Complete Doll Outfits, and Fashion Play Accessories. – $28
  8. Rainbow High Blu – Blue Fashion Doll in Fashionable Outfit, Wearing a Cast & 10+ Colorful Play Accessories. – $26.99
  9. Rainbow High Madison Twins 2-Pack with Mix & Match Outfits – $39.99
  10. Rainbow High Avery Styles 9″ Posable Fashion Doll with Accessories and Backpack – $23.29

Ways to play with Rainbow High toys

Time to get your creativity flowing and make every playtime a runway show. Join the G.L.A.M. squad – representing Grit, Love, Action, and Moxie, at Rainbow High, where fashion dreams become reality. From playsets to cars, and of course, the dolls themselves – here are some ways to play with the G.L.A.M Squad!

Rock the rainbow life with Rainbow High dolls

Bring the magic to playtime with our glamorous collection of Rainbow High dolls. Each one is a fashion icon waiting for your personal touch. Blending, combining, and developing stylish outfits to make the most extravagant statement are just one of our specialties. Plunge into the splash of items, namely clothes, shoes, and accessories to get the most fashionable outfits of the season for your dolls. Whether you’re all about shining sequins or daring to go with saturated, bright colors, you can choose to create runway looks that will stun.

You can even step back in time with favourite characters with the Rainbow High Junior High Dolls.

Set imaginations alight with the Rainbow High doll houses and playsets

Ready to transform your play area into a fashion paradise? Say hello to our amazing Rainbow High playsets! The world of fashion is as worldwide as it has a global platform that can be collaborated in designers’ studios to trendy boutiques. Here you can discover new adventures through these playsets. Your imagination is the only limit to how fashionable the garment will be since you design the best clothes and makeup, and soon get ready for the for the runway.

Take the Rainbow with your everyday Accessories

Accessorise to mesmerise! Our Rainbow High accessories are the perfect finishing touch to your very own stunning look. Watches, helmets, and more are all designed to add that extra sparkle. Wherever you are, every detail counts when it comes to being a fashion icon, and our Rainbow High accessories will make sure you stand out from the crowd!

Craft your own fashionable items with stationery and design sets

Design is the key to fashion, and to be a fashion icon, you have to design your own look. With design sets, including shoes and badges, we’ve got you covered. You can get crafty with art pads and scrapbooks, the perfect places to jot down your design ideas.

Embrace never-ending fashion fun with Rainbow High, and let’s add some sparkle to your toy collection today! With a range of Rainbow High dolls, toys and accessories, you can be part of the G.L.A.M crew wherever you are. Plus, with Clearpay and other checkout options, you can split the bill and enjoy these amazing dolls with easier payments.

The Amazing Rainbow High Dolls

The Amazing Rainbow High Dolls

The rainbow is for everyone! Rainbow High and Shadow High own the RAINBOW, because it’s not just the classic rainbow – it’s endless!

Shadow High is the counterpart of the Rainbow High and home of all things rainbow. Meet the amazing Shadow High students who always let their true colours shine, even though they thrive in the shadows. With so many glamourous poses, colourful doll shoes, fully articulated doll features, and giftable packaging, expect the unexpected from the fine art students of Shadow High.

Even though they look different, the Shadow High fashion dolls are all part of the same Rainbow High collections.

The gorgeous fashion dolls of Shadow High include Georgia Bloom, Daphne Minton, Gabriella Icely, Nicole Steel, Luna Madison, Ash Silverstone, and Shanelle Onyx. You can find them here in our Rainbow High store. “She’s fully articulated!” Their legs bend! Each Shadow High fashion doll has their own unique style. Explore their gorgeous features; there are lots of ways to imagine for fun, creative play!

Truth in Details

The magic of Rainbow High dolls lies in their exquisite detailing. Each accessory thoughtfully designed to reflect the doll’s unique style and personality. The accessory sets feature authentic Rainbow

High fabrics, adding a level of detail and realism that mirror the brand’s dedication to quality.

Mix, Match, and Transform

The fun doesn’t stop at accessorising! With Rainbow High, you’re encouraged to mix and match accessories to create personalised looks. The Mini Accessories Studio Handbag collection features 27 different styles ranging from stylish to rare and ultra-rare, offering endless possibilities for customising your dolls’ looks.

Rainbow High’s Positive Message

Rainbow High Dolls showcases positive messages and intense story lines, with the main characters combining their talents for a top-notch runway show. It’s about a high school focused on fashion, and the content may touch on topics like dating and breakups.

Rainbow High Dolls legs bend and have gorgeous features. She’s fully articulated!

Buy and collect Rainbow High dolls and Shadow High fashion dolls for kids of all ages at Mr Toys today! Collect them all now!


Rainbow High Dolls is a modern fashion doll brand that sparks imagination and encourages creativity. Each doll has a unique design and dressed in their signature colour from head to toe. Buy fashion dolls and Rainbow High accessories at B&M Stores – perfect for children of all ages.

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