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Inflatable Tube Man – Product Specifications And Washing Care

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Inflatable Tube Man – Product Specifications And Washing Care

Inflatable Tube Man – Have you ever tried purchasing the air dancer at any time? If you haven’t, then you are utterly confused regarding the choices you have to make with it. Once you have started working with this promotional tool, you don’t have to look elsewhere for the next stop. When considering the best quality inflatable tube man, log online and check all the possible specifications before ending up with the correct item.

There are so many companies claiming to offer you the best items. But, once you have checked out the specifications, you can be 1005 sure of your purchase.

Get in with the Specifications

Just to clear out the point from the beginning, you can get the air dancers in any colour you want. Most of the time, the colour is in its darker shades, which helps attract more people. As businesses put up the air dancer in the morning, the bright colours will work well with the light colour of the contrasting sky.

  • Premium quality polyamide nylon silk is used for manufacturing the air dancer with the tarp. This tarpaulin helps bring that flex property to ensure a long-lasting and flexible rip-proof product.
  • The bottom of the product is constructed with 600D PVC or Nylon material. So, it will always remain strong and can withstand daily pressure for a long time.
  • When it comes to printing the face of the air dancer along with the name and logo of the company, the experts will use dye sublimation as the method. It will make the item last for a long time.
  • The product will be 10 feet tall whenever inflated, but the size will differ. The diameter of the blower can either be 12 inches or 18 inches. It depends on the option you choose.

The Washing Instructions to Follow

These inflatable tubes are reusable. You have to wash and maintain them properly from time to time to enhance their longevity. You can clean the inflatable using cold water and only the front-loading washing machine. A top-loading device won’t have enough space for cleaning.

The inflatable might get tangled in any older top-loaded model. So, you are not recommended to use those machines for cleaning up the tube, man. Be sure to use a minimal amount of mild detergent to avoid discolouration or fading. You can even hand wash the inflatable in water and mild soap. Avoid machine drying the inflatable. Just hang it to dry in normal air.

Make sure to learn more about the blower’s specifications and make the right choices. Many packages are available, but you must choose the best among the lots. Just learn about all the related products available from this source.

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