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5 Innovative Ways of Using React Native

React Native

by Marketing Marine
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React Native

What is React Native?

React Native agency allows its users to build mobile apps that work on several platforms. The popularity of React Native is due to its several features:

  • It provides a reusable code that increases the speed of development, developer efficiency, and app delivery. 
  • It is supported by both iOS and android. 
  • It provides an excellent use of graphics. 
  • It facilitates easy conversion between web and mobile apps making it perfect for integrating external modules. 

Innovative Ways of Using React Native

[React native] can be used in many creative ways to bring about apps that can fulfill the needs of the market. React native has an overall 5.18 percent market share in apps

Book Apps:

It can be used to develop a book reading and managing app. It is one of the most wanted and trendy ideas out there. E-books have been around for a while now but audiobooks are a new addition. Audiobooks are becoming increasingly popular and the demand for an app that fulfills the need is sky-high. Among all the general features The book app created by react native will have innovative features like bookmarks, book reviews, and chatting with other book readers. 

Audio News:

A concept parallel to audiobooks is audio news. Reading the news gets boring after a while. Wouldn’t it be amazing if an app reads news for you? Such an app can be created by using React Native. The app will pull news from various websites on topics that you select and collect it in your news app. It will provide the option of text-to-speech that will allow you to listen to any news of your choice. 

Podcast-Music Combination:

Life without music is unimaginable. Music apps made by react native are a top idea. These days podcasts are also very popular. Podcasts have an entirely different feel and it would be an amazing combination with the music. The app will not only allow you to play music albums and podcasts but also share them on your profile, form communities, and chat with other members. 

Shopping App:

Online shopping apps have become indispensable. A shopping app created by react native can allow seamless switching between different functions and keep the users engrossed in the action. The app will provide a payment gateway like PayPal and chat support where users can ask questions and cancel orders etc. 

Budget App:

A convenient app that keeps track of your spending and saving can be a game changer. It can help people in managing their weekly, monthly, and yearly expenses to save for their future. The budget app can be developed by using react native. The app will allow people to first set their total budget, the amount they want to save, and the amount they want to spend. Next, they can allocate their expendable budget into subgroups like grocery, transportation, etc. The app can also contain a section that provides insights into budgeting tips and investment opportunities. The app will help users in spending their money wisely. 

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