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Top 7 High-Risk Payment Gateways of 2021

by Marketing Marine
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Payment Gateways – A payment gateway is a software tool that accepts or rejects each online transaction that enters a firm. A high-risk payment gateway provider, for instance, permits customers to enter their credit card data and afterward securely transmit the sensitive and valuable financial data from the client, the business, the organization, and the bank.


There are two categories of merchant account services offered for credit card businesses: low-risk and high-risk. The kind you require is determined by the amount of risk in your organization. In general, a low-risk merchant account will be low-cost than a high-risk one since it has fewer liability safeguards in the case of a processing fault.

These worldwide payment trends indicate how technology will affect the transaction process in the future years to improve security, expedite the sales experience, and provide more options to customers. Businesses can enhance convenience for their consumers and stay relevant in their sectors by being aware of these old and current trends and the future of consumer choice.

7 High-Risk Payment Gateways Making The Buzz in 2021

A high-risk payment gateway is a service offered by a third party that enables retailers to accept credit card payments from consumers online or in person. The top high-risk payment gateways provide dependable service, excellent support, and low transaction processing fees which is the main reason for them trending in 2021 despite being high-risk.

We looked at nearly a dozen choices before settling on the seven top payment gateways:

  1. 2Checkout (formerly Verifone): The best option for international sales.
  2. Stripe is another best option for integrations and simple programmability.
  3. Amazon Pay: The Best Ecommerce Add-On.
  4. Authorize.net is the best all-around payment gateway.
  5. Square is ideal for retailers and restaurants looking for point-of-sale software.
  6. PaymentCloud is ideal for CBD, cigarettes, weapons, and other high-risk businesses.
  7. Chase Merchant Services is ideal for small companies that also require commercial banking services.

Let us get into the details of these high-risk payment gateways-

1.     2Checkout

All because of its international reach, 2Checkout entered our list of payment gateways. It is beneficial for international sales because it can function as the merchant of record, handling payment processing and sales tax administration and compliance. It is relatively easy to integrate, with over 120 eCommerce connectors.


2.     Stripe

Stripe is an excellent payment gateway for organizations ranging from startups to Fortune 500 corporations. Its extensive integration portfolio makes it an excellent alternative for online, international, and B2B payment processing. It did, however, make our list due to its programmability. Stripe’s API and SDK capabilities are among the finest on the market, making it an excellent choice for a company looking to integrate Stripe payments into its software or mobile app.

Stripe’s price is comparable to Square’s and quite competitive. Unlike the other payment processors on the list, it charges a fee for accepting foreign credit cards in person. The chargeback cost of $15 is lower than the average for those who charge. (However, Square waives up to $250 in chargeback costs every month. For eligible clients, it also provides bespoke pricing, including interchange-plus and volume savings.)

3.     Amazon Pay

Authorize.net offers two different options. It can be a pure payment gateway, allowing you to choose your merchant service, or an all-in-one package, which includes payment processing at a fixed fee. Both need a monthly charge. It is one of the most widely used payment gateways, collaborating with merchant services and POS systems to provide efficient payment processing.

4.     Authorize.net

Authorize.net offers two different options. It can be a pure payment gateway, allowing you to choose your merchant service, or an all-in-one package, which includes payment processing at a fixed fee. Both need a monthly charge. It is one of the most widely used payment gateways, collaborating with merchant services and POS systems to provide efficient payment processing.

Authorize.net offers the advantage of not charging chargeback costs; but, if you link it to a different merchant account, that account will very certainly charge chargeback fees.

Your POS hardware will most likely be purchased from a third party, although Authorize.net does provide a credit card reader that works with its mobile app. It costs $65, which is comparable to the price of a chip and a tap reader.

Authorize.net connects with over 140 recognized solutions ranging from sales to accounting, kiosks to shopping carts, and even other payment providers such as PayPal. It also includes a list of around 160 approved developers that may supply prebuilt or customized solutions. It has collaborations with companies that provide shipping, compliance, fraud protection, and other services. The software integrations are the best with the other gateways on our list, but the additional developers and partnerships set it apart.

5.     Square

Square is a Small Business favorite because it can accomplish so many payments at once effectively. This user-friendly system lists the best POS system for small companies, POS for restaurants, best credit card readers, best salon POS, and other categories. It’s also a top-rated merchant service, so it stands to reason that it scores high for payment gateways. It applies to mobile, desktop, tablet, and POS systems.

6.     PaymentCloud

Not every payment gateway will accept high-risk merchants and those that do frequently charge more fees and provide less reliable service. PaymentCloud provides excellent service and a clear emphasis on this segment of the retail industry.

PaymentCloud does not reveal rates, as is customary for high-risk processors, because charges vary depending on the business and the amount of risk involved. The PaymentCloud, on the other hand, provides competitive settings, particularly for its client type.

7.     Chase Merchant Services

Chase Merchant Services is amongst the world’s central banks, providing merchant services to small businesses with a checking account.

As a result, it’s an excellent alternative for new businesses that also want checking, a business credit card, and other services. It primarily serves enterprises in the United States, Canada, and Europe, but it can handle worldwide sales and several collaborations.


Few merchants, especially hobbyists or solopreneurs, can survive without accepting credit card payments. Fortunately, several high-risk payment gateways work well with small enterprises. Those on our list are among the finest in terms of pricing, service, and POS or virtual terminals, making it simple to accept credit cards.

Authorize.net took the special mention due to its popularity, adaptability, and integrations. It provides a full-service payment processing package or can act as a gateway with your preferred merchant supplier. It has a monthly cost, but it’s worth considering if you require a dependable high-risk payment gateway.

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