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What is Web Design? – Definition, Fundamentals, Benefits and More

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What is Web Design? - Definition, Fundamentals, Benefits and More

Definition of Web Design

Web Design includes work related to the layout and design of online pages and content production, although it is usually applied to creating websites.

In this case, web designers create pages using markup languages ​​such as HTML or XML. On the other hand, the visual side of sites is responsible for CSS, a term used to style elements written in HTML.

Thus, web designers from Atlanta web design firms often use both to create a website because they determine how pages will be displayed in browsers. The site creation process can be done with tools like Adobe Dreamweaver (for which a professional needs to know more about codes) and CMS, which has content management platforms.

WordPress is one of the best and most applied because it has a series of templates that can serve as the basis for a website. The web designer’s task is to install and customize them according to the wishes of each client.

What are the Key Fundamentals of web design?

Some points are essential when discussing good web design and must not be overlooked. Here are the highlights:


As more and more people only access the Internet on their mobile phones, your site must be mobile-friendly – responsive.


Do you know those emails with a “block of text” because the whole message is written in one paragraph? Reading them is too tedious, right? The same for your site visitors if they are not considering crawling text.


If we started writing this article in a completely different font from now on, you would not be very pleasant to read, would you? This font wouldn’t fit with the rest of the content. The same should apply to your site.

Download speed

In the world, everyone seems to be in a rush, so having a fast-loading website is essential. According to Google, sites that take more than 2 seconds to load are detrimental to user experience and site indexing.

What are the Benefits of investing in quality Web Design?

The five benefits that get by investing in professional web design:

1. Good First Impressions

The site is a presentation of a company that operates digital media. Every time a potential new customer comes to you, you take care of making an excellent first impression.

Well, the situation is no different with your website. It should be a direct reflection of the business. An unprofessional website gives visitors a bad experience and even think the company is outdated. It will force them to look for offers like yours from competitors who have the best website.

2. Improving SEO processes.

SEO (search engine optimization) refers to the organic optimization of your website among modern search engines and is one of the digital strategy points that every marketer should learn.

When people ask about a specific company or service that meets their needs, they search for the terms on search engines like Google. Statistically, these users visit the first pages that appear in search results.

If your site is out of date, it does not contain the specific content required to be selected and indexed by search engines. Instead of being on the first page of results, you might, for example, appear between pages 5 or 6 and never see your audience. Thus, having a good SEO rank is one of the best ways to attract new customers without paying for media advertising.

3. Competitive Benefit

A professional website allows you to be one of the first in your niche in front of competitors who, if they don’t have a website as good as yours, they will always be a step back in the digital world.

That is, when your competitors are just starting to realize the benefits of a professional website, your online presence will already be established, and you will remain the market leader and guide.

4. Increase in income

A professional design website will attract more attention and, therefore, more visitors. People, by nature, tend to look for what they like, which is no exception in web design.

This is why it is essential to have professionals in the visual construction of your website because the more people visit it and are convinced that they will stay longer, both because of the content and the design, the more likely you are to convert them—the visitors to customers. There is a high probability of earning income.

5. The growth of word of mouth.

Have you ever visited a website with a design that grabs your attention so that your friends and colleagues are talking about it? This effect on people is more common than you think. Thus, having a quality website can strengthen your word of mouth.

After all, sound design and intuitive navigation give your visitors a great experience and attract people with a predisposition to know your business, which is the first step for them to become customers.

6. More practical and faster access to your company.

Internet access is available on almost all mobile or tablet devices these days.

Thus, having customers have a quick and easy way to find your phone number, address, or email address is a great business benefit that websites offer. In addition, they can easily find out what he is doing and what he has to provide them with. It doesn’t take much to say to get people’s attention. Sometimes, you can let the design speak for you.

What does a Web Designer do?

While it is commonly believed that web designer is responsible for creating attractive and fully functional websites, they do more. Web designers have routine tasks related to digital media design and content creation.
Hence, they must analyze customer needs and website customization goals to provide visitors with the best experience. In addition, web designers need to be able to insert graphics, use languages ​​such as HTML, and update the site as required.
Now that you’ve stayed with us for the rest of this text, you know what profile a good web design professional should have. Of course, you can’t omit things like UI and UX. And to understand how user experience applies to website content, read this article on UX writing.

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