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How to Look For Content Ideas – An Hour to Create Content From Scratch

by Marketing Marine
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Content Ideas

Content Ideas – Creative stupor can happen to anyone, even a blogger or creative guru. You can lie down or take a walk, of course, but what about the flow of content? You need to write something, say an article about how to play new slots at NationalCasino.com, but you have zero thoughts in your head. How do you “rock” yourself and get out of your stupor, and is it possible?

Yes, we say. With the right approach, you’ll have enough time or two to come up with some interesting topics for posting – we’ll tell you how to achieve that result.

Half an Hour on the Internet

Any athlete knows that to work out well and usefully, you need to stretch first. Your brain also needs a “workout,” to tune in to new Content Ideas. This can be done by feeding them ideas that have already been implemented by others or by the mood of the moment. Sometimes it happens that while reading the news, you catch sight of a story and a fresh idea (or a hint of it, which in case of a stupor is also a good place to start) starts “crunching” in your head. To “spin the flywheel” of digital inspiration, use the resources of the Internet.  What can help you:

  • Watch your competitors’ publishers.

These can be competitors in the product or idea sense. We look at what other digital agencies or brands are doing that compete with our clients. What are they talking and writing about, how are they telling their stories, what visuals are they using? This form of benchmarking helps to both keep abreast of current trends and push our creative ideas.

  • Study your audience.

You can suddenly find out some previously unknown or new interests of your audience. Read and study the accounts of representatives of your audience and the group publishers and resources in which this audience is “grazing. What do your subscribers care about, what gets their likes and comments? What do they argue and laugh about? Maybe here you’ll see some topics worth talking about.

  • Stay tuned for more resources about digital.

Recent articles will give you some productive ideas for content. Plus, you can benefit from other people’s experiences and ready-made cases, and just keep your nose for fresh trends.

  • Read the news

not only can you find important news on your topics there (for example, legislative news related to your product or service), but also interesting leads for content creation.

  • Leafing through entertainment resources.

On the one hand, you’ll just distract yourself from sad thoughts. On the other, you can gain ideas and inspiration.

  • Consider memes.

Sites like 9GAG, you can just find out what’s trending right now. You can look at TikTok and see what challenges are at the top there – use a popular theme, meme or challenge, and you can adapt it to your style.

  • Get inspired by visuals.

Photo stocks, Tumblr, and Pinterest are worth looking through, not only to find a picture for the post. But also for inspiration! Often an idea for a post or a creative idea comes from looking at the work of photographers or just beautiful pictures.

  • Get inspired by texts.

If you have a stupor, it doesn’t matter what you read: the main thing is that the texts entertain you a little and are interesting. You can subscribe to the Twitter accounts of different authors, or study a selection of channels on different topics. Maybe someone else’s post, note, or essay will bring your thoughts to your mind.

Half an Hour on the World Around Us

When we’re in a stupor, we dumb down for hours on the internet, not knowing what to do. Think back to the real world-it can throw up an idea at any moment. Go for a walk, as our managers sometimes do. Sometimes you can go out to the nearest store and stumble upon an unexpected family scene or meet a lonely kitty. Something you’ll want to talk about. You might stumble upon a funny sign or a blooming lilac tree. You can walk down the main street or into a quiet courtyard and experience the atmosphere of life, and many such walks bring philosophical reflections to mind, which you can share on your account.

Finally, flipping through fashion or science magazines, watching an episode of a favorite (or, conversely, trendy but you have not yet seen) series, looking at world-famous works on the MoMa or Louvre site will help your brain reset and inspire new ideas.

A Win-Win: Ready-Made Ideas for When You’re Stupor-Ridden

Chances are, an hour spent walking around, studying art objects, or surfing the internet will give you some working ideas for posting.

But if suddenly this does not happen, you can use the following methods:

  • Write a confession post in which you tell what’s on your head today. Then you can ask: What do subscribers want to know or talk about. In addition to submitting possible topics, you can get invaluable and helpful reactions, likes, and comments.
  • Set up a poll, a quest, a vote, or a contest on any topic in your stories: even if it’s a vote to choose the topic of your next post.
  • Make a follow-up to one of your old posts, especially ones that have received a lot of reactions.
  • Repost or post on a topic that’s particularly popular on the social network you want right now, or just “on everyone’s lips.”
  • Make a UGC post of content from subscribers or customers (with their permission, of course, and with a mention) – it can be a review of a product or a memory of your and the person’s meeting.

Instead of Conclusion

It’s not always easy to get in a creative mood-especially if you had something unpleasant Content Ideas happen the day before or someone wrote your nasty comments. But, if you want, you can find the strength and energy for a new post, inspired by what’s going on around you. Well, at the very least, you can write directly about your mood – say, yesterday I was written unpleasant words, and I’m sad today. The audience is likely to understand and virtually embrace you. After all, honesty and sincerity – it is not just human, but are also very much in demand in digital, where many people are hiding behind beautiful photos and do not show their true emotions.

But still, we would like to avoid such situations when you have nothing to say to the world. Especially if you want to be an Influencer. In that case, you need a Content Ideas strategy that doesn’t just consist of a monthly posting plan but offers a systematic content concept. A content strategy takes into account the appeal of content to subscribers, defines formats, types, and periods of posting; designates topics and headings, and shapes the style of presentation. With content strategies, creative stupor is almost impossible. If you don’t know how to approach creating your strategy, you can always turn to specialized agencies and specialists.

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