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What Are Marketing Strategies And Their Types?

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What Are Marketing Strategies And Their Types?

Marketing Strategies – Product marketing strategies are essential to achieve the desired results in a company.

Therefore, it is necessary to develop strategies that will enable us to achieve our goals. When we talk about marketing or marketing design, we talk about marketing methods, marketing techniques, or marketing strategies.

What are the Marketing Strategies?

These are actions perform to achieve specific marketing goals, such as bringing a new product to market or increasing engagement or sales.

Determine which actions or marketing strategies are convenient for us. You should not only consider the capabilities, resources, or goals of the company. But it is also an essential requirement to know the target or target audience well. The reason is simple: marketing aims to meet consumers’ and buyers’ needs and desires.

Another important topic that we should not abandon is competition analysis, as it can allow us to take advantage of their weaknesses or use strategies that work for them.

Types of Marketing Strategies

Marketing or marketing strategies are dividing into four types. The ones related to the product are the ones that influence the pricing, distribution, and communication strategies. These are known as the 4 Principles of Business Marketing as they are the main pillars we need to work on.

Product Strategies

Once a relating service product has been describe, product strategies reflect the actions developed over a specified period for that product or service.

In this sense, it will include what benefits or additional services will be adding, how they will be implementing, if applicable. You will either have to dive into a pilot product or launch it on a small scale first and then launch it on a larger scale.

Pricing Strategies

Before establishing a price for a specific product or service, it is necessary to analyze the elements that must be taken into account when installing it. In particular, both the variable costs associating with production and the fixed costs must be considering. The reason is that the business is about making a profit. Therefore, to stay in the market, it is necessary to generate income from sales, in which price is the fundamental part. Exceed the total costs of the company related to the product or service in question.

But that’s not all. In addition, you should consider possible strategic changes in a certain period, such as discounts, promotions. Which ultimately helps customers approve a new product or service. Or perhaps you prefer to go for a high price right from the start. What can help a product or service evaluate quality.

Another issue that should be consider globally is the company’s cash flow forecast.

Distribution Strategies

For a product to sell, it must be available to the consumer. And also, this need is directly related to product marketing strategies. Well, you have to determine if the company sells now to its customers. Suppose you intend to operate through distributors in all or specific geographic regions. It will also be necessary to provide for everything related to transport, or at least who will hire it, without forgetting the chosen distribution channels.

In this last point, it can be note that more and more companies appear. Regardless of your volume, choose at least partial Internet and e-commerce as your distribution channel. On the other hand, companies like Amazon/ Alibaba make it much easier for entrepreneurs to sell online and then distribute it.

In addition, all types of contracts must be concluded, both with distributors and with agents, traders, or wholesalers.

Communication Strategies

Communication strategies aim to get the message across to the customer, always highlighting the benefits of a product or service.

When it comes to communication strategies, use tools such as advertising, salespeople, sales promotion, public relations, and social media … Not only the cost of communication needs to be consider and the impact on the target audience.

You also have to define the image of the product or service you want to design, including brand, logo, name. The same can be a prediction about the company’s image.

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