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EarnViews: 8 Enticing Digital Marketers To Follow On TikTok

by Marketing Marine
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Tik Tok – The backbone of TikTok is digital marketing. As the app grows with its popularity, the number of users is also increasing. As a result, the marketing dynamics are also changing over the years. If you are a beginner in TikTok, you might need advice from your peers for marketing your products or services. So, where will you get those ideas? Isn’tIsn’t it quite confusing? Don’t worry! Keep on reading this article! You will get ideas on which marketers’ accounts are worth following on TikTok. Let’sLet’s begin!

Role Of Digital Marketers On TikTok

The primary role of digital marketers is to promote a particular TikTok account. Therefore, they will help many brands or businesses significantly grow their performance. In addition, digital marketers will provide you with beneficial tips. For example, they share videos on how to portray a product on TikTok, the best advice to get more likes on TikTok, etc. If you follow these accounts regularly and utilize them on TikTok, you can see the changes in the reach of your account. Furthermore, if you are a digital marketer, then you can opt to buy tiktok shares and strengthen your online presence.

8 Top Digital Marketers’ Account On TikTok

  1. Mary Anne Da’marzo

She is a fantastic TikTok worker who shares unique marketing strategies and tactics on different aspects of digital marketing. She covers all the topics, from helpful marketing tools to marketing plans. If you are a digital marketer, you must follow Mary Anne’s account to gain more exposure to the topic.

  1. Itxmejulus

Itxmejulus holds 250k followers on TikTok. She deals with the marketing subjects like Instagram hacks, psychology, and content ideas. If you follow her account, there will be more learning, and you can gain expertise in the above fields quickly. She also created so many digital marketing trends on TikTok.

  1. Invisible Influence

In his TikTok videos, you will find content regarding the analysis of campaigns and various marketing studies related to the influence of the masses. You can improve your knowledge of human psychology on buying and selling, i.e., a person’s approach towards buying a product. You will clearly understand how marketing changes a person’s behavior. If you want to boost your sales, follow the Invisible Influence account.

  1. Zocomarketing

This account provides you the marketing consultation and offers valuable content for people who are beginners and intermediates marketers. With his videos, you will acquire extensive knowledge on various platform ads like Google, Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest, etc., His videos are mainly focused on the ideas of PPC marketing. Furthermore, if a digital marketer is looking for great engagement in their account, they can try using EarnViews and reap better benefits.

  1. Simplydigital

Apart from individuals, some digital marketing company CEOs have accounts on TikTok. One such account is ”Simplydigital”. With this account, you will learn the do and don’ts of digital marketing. Using his ideas, you can entertain the audience in the online world without any flaws. You can also get more tips on the other growth channels.

  1. Marketingdudes

The name itself portrays that the content on this account is based on digital marketing. Digital marketers on TikTok who want to build your brand visibility can try the words that directly tell your audience about your work. In this account, you can see content on marketing brand campaigns, strategies, etc. Do the videos cover the method of big players like McDonald’sMcDonald’s, DunkinDonuts, etc.? Isn’t it an excellent opportunity to get to know the secrets behind the success of big players? If possible, you can use it in your marketing campaigns.

  1. Cora Marie

She specializes in social media marketing tips on TikTok. Her videos are super-fun to listen to on TikTok. She shares videos on social hacks, content strategies, growth strategies, etc. She enables the management of both fun and information in a single content. You can follow her account if you want to make videos including both elements.

  1. Sam

Sam is a marketing consultant who shares videos and hosts podcasts about marketing. He shares day-to-day tips on successful marketing like running meetings, managing productivity, acquiring new talents, etc., His videos will be like a short book for content ideation and creation.

Wrapping Up

The above shown are only the fraction of digital marketers on TikTok. You can find millions of digital marketers when you search on the discover tab on TikTok. Marketing is more like a social media game. Once you hop on to the best strategy, no one will be able to upbeat your position. Moreover, you can try using EarnViews and improve your fanbase. We hope this article is supposed to be quite informative! If you utilize the above strategies efficiently for your videos, then you can hit the internet by the storm. Thanks for reading!

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