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Wild Posters: 3 Tips To A Successful Wild Posting Campaign

by Marketing Marine
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Wild Posters: 3 Tips To A Successful Wild Posting Campaign - 2021

Wild Posting Campaign – The wild posting has established itself as one of the most recognized home marketing methods out there. This could include pasting ads on building surfaces, electric poles, construction sites, and anywhere else you – and other targeted audiences – can easily see it.

You might have once passed by a wild post and admired the creativity behind the work. The first impression it makes on you is crucial and could determine the kind of perception you end up having about the content. There are other examples on several websites, including Wild Posters, where you can learn more about this.

Furthermore, in a digital era, it’s often not being spoken of like other methods of advertisement, but it ideally complements them. There are several reasons why wild posting has gathered so much attention all over the world. Besides the fact that it is cost-effective, you can decide to leave your ad up for as long as you want. However, it shouldn’t stay up too long to prevent it from becoming visual pollution. Also, it has generated so much interest because of its ability to target a wide audience easily.

However, it must be stressed that having the right tips will help you create a successful campaign. This raises the inevitable question: How can a successful wild posting company in New york City or anywhere else, set up the best campaign for results? This article will provide a deep insight into these strategies. Now, let’s dive in and see what these tips are all about

Tips for a Successful Wild Posting Campaign

Certain strategies can help you achieve the desired results you want. Some of these are introduced below:

Develop a creative Game Plan

Creativity is one of the most important tools you must possess in setting up wild posting campaigns. You don’t have to do something massive or extraordinary, but different in such a way that every passer-by would stop and appreciate your genius. We all appreciate creativity, don’t we?

You can also walk around your neighborhood and observe all the strategic places that can get the attention of your targeted audience. For maximum exposure, aiming at a hugely congested area is not a bad idea. From there, you can acquaint yourself with important bylaws which will ensure that you stay out of trouble.

You must note that the design is a crucial factor since it significantly decides how much interaction your audience makes with your ad. You can make use of bold colors, based on the kind of message you want to pass and your tactics. More will be discussed next on this. It is all about making memorable interactions.

Size is Important

The scale of your post is very important. For instance, your audience might probably be rushing somewhere and we can all agree that all they might get is a glance at your message. When your message is not bold enough to be clearly read and portrayed your message, then the ad becomes meaningless since your audience wouldn’t be able to make any sense of your content.

As stated above, your message must be clear, large, and be readable for the audience. The size of your images and typography must be readable since they might be viewing it from several meters away. The content must be large enough to be visually recognized.

Besides this, stick to small grammar. When you use big words, it might take the time to understand what you are trying to convey before they move away, especially for people in a car.

The Location must be Strategic

This is one of the most important factors that determine how easily your ads will get noticed by your audience. Most probably, you must have come across several wild posters when you are stuck in traffic. You take your time to see what the subject is all about. In a similar fashion, you must set up your posters at strategic places.

If what you want is to target specific demography, then you must make the right considerations. For instance, if your ads are targeted at young adults in your neighborhood and you know that their favorite sport in the community is football. Then, you can place your posters at any football field within the area. That will increase their chances of interacting with your message


Wild posting has been an effective and less expensive method of creating awareness over the years. However, to get the best results, there are several tips – some of which have been explained above – that will prove helpful.

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