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CRM for Professional Services and its main Features

by Marketing Marine
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CRM for Professional Services 


CRM for Professional Services – Professional Services Automation – is a tailored solution based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This offers your project managers and directors the tools to manage their projects, record time and expenses, and manage invoices. And also, These tools make it easier for project managers and their teams to be more accurate and productive, leading to increased profitability and cash flow.

For your business to run efficiently and boost your project portfolio, your project managers need accurate online information. Although, The PSA solution gives managers and directors complete visibility into the industry in all professional service aspects of their projects: planning, contracts and billing, accounting, resource utilization, and profitability information.

Although, The CRM system is highly configurable and can be configured according to how your company manages projects. Therefore, it contributes to disseminating a coherent model for project management within your organization.

 Main Features

  • Projects management
  • Time and expense control
  • Monitoring and control of billing
  • Documentation and reporting

 Features in Detail

Projects Management

Creating new projects, budgets, and schedules and managing resources are straightforward tasks with the PSA solution. Although, Thanks to the detailed Dashboard, you will be able to control, administer, and manage all the projects and documents and plan all your teams’ tasks.

 Time and Expense Control

PSA integrates project management, time management, and billing. In addition, project managers can overview both current and future activity, the project budget, the company’s contribution margin, and the actual margin.

 Monitoring and Control of Billing

Project managers have an overview of the company’s expenses, identifying what is billed and what income has already been made. Although, This advantage leads to better billing, as it corresponds to the progress of the projects.

 Documentation and Reporting

With the solution, information and documents are always up to date, providing project managers with reports on company-specific activities. This also ensures that reliable information can be delivered to clients and for internal meetings. All this data can be easily exported in other programs and formats, such as Microsoft Excel, XML, or PDF.

If you want to develop a competitive advantage by improving your client’s experience, look at selecting the best CRM software for Professional Firms.

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