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Some Mistakes To Avoid During Content Marketing

by Marketing Marine
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Content Marketing

Content Marketing – Companies make a lot of mistakes in content marketing. These include underestimating the client’s interests, using bad practices like Clickbait, or underestimating the importance of SEO or mobile-friendly design.

Inspires to follow professionals’ lead in developing a brilliant content marketing strategy.

It can also be instructive to study other people’s mistakes. Below, we will examine a few common content marketing mistakes.

Regardless of the format, you use to develop your strategy, you should avoid the following mistakes:

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Create Content without Setting Goals and Objectives

As with any marketing strategy, working with specific goals and objectives is essential.

The need to set short, medium, and long-term goals has an end: to record valuable data in the present, compare it with past data, and thus determine if we are improving our work.

Get away from the Client’s Interest.

Another mistake to avoid in content marketing is forgetting about users. Some corporate blogs overuse blog posts dedicated to their insiders and corporate culture.

While low doses behind the scenes can generate interest, you should never structure your content marketing strategy.

Plus, blogging and other content marketing strategies are highly customer-centric. You must know their interests and concerns!

Use Clickbait and Forget about Quality

Digital yellowing has a name – Clickbait.

In content marketing, more clicks, more leads. Therefore, it should be no surprise that some brands are banking on using Clickbait’s names and approaches.

Commitment to Mobile Consumers

Mobile traffic growth is impressive! According to Statista, in 2014, 27.1% of internet users connected from mobile phones.

In less than three years, this percentage exceeded 50%. More than half of online consumers today use mobile phones and tablets for navigation.

Underestimating the Importance of SEO

Several studies have shown the importance of SEO traffic versus paid traffic.

Users are more likely to click on regular results than PPC ads. Plus, SEO is part of the very essence of content marketing. Hence, underestimating its importance will hurt any marketing campaign.

Don’t post Evergreen Content.

Versatility is a quality that all brands strive for in their products.

Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, and other giants want their product offerings to never go out of style so that new generations will be thrilled with the same intensity as previous ones.

Likewise, content marketers try to ensure their strategies have a lasting impact over time. However, many of them underestimate the evergreen content.

This type of content has an unlimited useful life instead of initiatives based on specific dates or time trends.

Forget Measuring and Optimizing Results

Above, we talked about the importance of setting specific goals and objectives. In this sense, another of the most common mistakes in content marketing is forgetting to measure the results.

It is a gross negligence error and should be avoided at all costs.

It’s essential to know everything about user behaviour in an app, blog, or content marketing format: subscriptions, e-commerce visits, click-through rate, bounce rate, average read time, etc.

This data is valuable because it “tells us” about the success or failure of the strategy.

But the measurement results are not enough: you must also optimize them.

In short, these and other mistakes in content marketing should be carefully scrutinised so as not to make them in the future.

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