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5 Pro Tips on Writing an ATS Friendly Marketer Resume

by Marketing Marine
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ATS Friendly Marketer Resume

ATS Friendly Marketer Resume – Getting a job in the 21st century is not a piece of cake because of the upgraded competition level. Currently, we can see hundreds of aspirants applying and hustling for one job opportunity.

Hence, to make the recruitment process a bit easier, numerous companies across the globe are using ATS (Applicant Tracking System). It filters out irrelevant resumes to minimize the complexity of the recruitment process.

According to a recent report by Mindk, 98.8% of Fortune 500 companies are using ATS to hire individuals. Moreover, a report by business wire also states that the ATS market share will grow up to 2.22 billion by 2027.

Considering the indulgence of ATS in the current marketplace, we are elaborating on how you can build an ATS-friendly resume to highlight top skills for marketing resume. You can keep the ensuing points in mind while making your marketer’s resume rank higher in the ATS.

Use Appropriate Section Headings

A proper outline of your resume with appropriate section headings will benefit you while getting through the ATS. There are 3 types of resume formats:

  • Chronological Resume
  • Functional Resume
  • Combinational Resume

You can choose either of these resume formats as per your experience and target opportunity. After choosing your resume format, always use common section headings rather than playful headings as they confuse ATS and will negatively affect your resume.

Check out the examples of some good and bad resume section headings:

ATS Friendly Resume Section Headings ATS Unfriendly Resume Section Headings
  • Skills
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Major Abilities
  • Jobs I’ve Done
  • Where I Studied

Incorporate Keywords

To determine whether you are worthy of the job or not, ATS analyzes your resume for job-specific keywords. Advanced ATS also uses AI technology to see if your resume addresses all the job requirements.

Hence, you are highly recommended to fill your resume with keywords related to the target opportunity. Fill up your resume with industry-specific information to get the maximum benefits while getting your resume through the ATS.

For instance, if you are spread over for a Digital Marketing position, consider the following keywords to be crafted in your resume:

  • SEO
  • SMO
  • Lead Generation
  • Digital Campaigns
  • PPC
  • Social Media Campaign
  • Advertisement

Highlight Relevant Information

Highlighting the important keywords and information will help you in getting shortlisted in the recruitment process. You can Bold your achievements and keywords to represent your resume in a highly impressive manner.

Use Bullet Points

Bullet points can improve your resume’s representation. They can be used to highlight your qualifications and achievements in your resume. Use simple bullet points to showcase all the information of your resume apart from the Summary/Objective section.

Twitch your bullet points with a power verb and craft them in STAR (S- Situation, T- Task, A- Action, R- Result) format. Your bullet points can be more impactful if you quantify your information wherever possible. It will authenticate your information

Avoid Graphical Representation

Adding graphs, charts, and other graphics might feel good to human eyes but it confuses ATS. The Applicant Tracking System can not read graphical representation and will skip it without any extra effort.

Being developed via machine language, most of the ATS can not understand any graphical representation showcased in the resume. All the information represented via graphics in your resume will be lost while getting through the ATS and you will end up being disqualified.

Final Words on ATS Friendly Marketer Resume

To get qualified in the screening process, you need to follow the above-given instructions. These steps will help you in getting through the initial phase in the ATS and to reach up to the F2F interview process. Here you can see the extracted information represented in this blog:

  • Outline your resume appropriately and use common section headings like skills, work experience, etc
  • Fill up your resume with industry-specific keywords to get through the ATS without any hurdle
  • Highlight important information and required keywords to get maximum benefits in the resume screening process
  • Use bullet points to showcase all the information in your resume apart from the SUmmary/Objective section
  • Avoid graphical representation and just quantify your information to pass the Applicant Tracking System

We have elaborated on all the essential points to pass the ATS and reach up to the F2F interview. We also welcome every suggestion to make this content piece better, so, you can leave your advice or proposals on how you can make an ATS Friendly resume in the comment section given below.

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